Birthmother's Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: Birthmother Day Are you Yanking my Chain?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 is Birthmother's Day 2021. Holiday Snob: Saturday is Birth Mother's Day (May 7th) Saturday is Birth Mother's Day

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Birthmother Day Are you Yanking my Chain?

Isn't this the most disgusting thing you have ever heard of? Seriously, are these people for real? I celebrate Mothers Day,(I am a mother regardless of what some piece of paper says. always was, and always will be!) why in hades would I celebrate losing my child to adoption at the hands of a baby broker? Do you wonder how pap's and ap's would like it if we suggested celebrating Adoptive Mothers Day? Or really can we just chuck this stupid thing right along with Gotcha Day? It is insulting and offensive in the extreme to suggest we celebrate a day that our world came to grief?

So, if ’birthmothers’ are lousy pieces of trash, why would anyone want to adopt their children?

So, if 'birthmothers' are lousy pieces of trash, why would anyone want to adopt their children?

I wonder the same thing. I wish I had the answer.

I guess they don't believe in biology? Well, not until the child is diagnosed with some socially manufactured condition such as ADHD or other such nonsense that couldn't exist if we didn't lock children in small rooms 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and expect them to sit still. Then, of course, it was all because the defective natural parents didn't make a full disclosure on their medical history.

Based on answers to a previous question about "Birth Mother’s Day"........?

Based on answers to a previous question about "Birth Mother's Day"........?

Some on this forum do feel there should be common courtesy and everyone is entitled to their own options. Unfortunately their opinions are often over shadowed by a select group of individuals on here who talk down to and demean anyone who has differing opinions. They don't show any respect for anyone else but expect everyone to respect them.

I'm not sure when you remember there being civility in this forum. I've not seen it since I joined last year so it must have been quite a while back. Adoptive parents are constantly talked down to or badly about, people coming to ask questions about the adoption process are given snarky rude responses and then the posters claim they were just trying to educate people, birthmom's like the one you posted about are blasted and told to have respect for themselves the whole time while no one posting to them shows them any respect.

It really seems that the only ones who are entitled to their opinions are the ones that follow the lines of adoption being completely corrupt and adopters being terrible selfish people. Heaven forbid you give an opinion that differs from those who scream the loudest.

The funny thing is that birthmother's day was created by a group of birthmother's nearly 20 years ago to celebrate and honor their motherhood and the life they gave birth to. To unite birthmothers so they can find support and comfort from each other. To educate people about the pain they go through every day and stop hiding the fact that they exist and go through pain. It doesn't mean that they cannot celebrate on Mother's Day also.

Apparently we are only supposed to respect those who say they were coerced and forced to surrender and are miserable. Any mother who doesn't feel regret should be belittled and degraded.

Also on this date May 4, 2021...