Star Wars Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: was star wars big back in the day?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 is Star Wars Day 2021.

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Star Wars Day

The effect of a common pun around the phrase ‘may the pressure be around you’, May fourth is becoming generally recognized known and loved as Star Wars Day.

was star wars big back in the day?

Star Wars was the first *good* sci fi flick ever!

Did you know today is Star Wars day?

Did you know today is Star Wars day?

nope....its may 25th.

only fakes celebrate the 4th, real star wars fans celebrate on the 25th, as a new hope was first released on may 25th 1977

Im actually trying to think of a thing to do...I tried once to watch all on the same day but it was a Friday and I had school...although other kids had on Jedi robes (lol Jedi capitalized is a real word) Now i think I shall do a Star wars kwanza like thing where I watch one movie each night...maybe the fouth can start some sort of star wars advent calender thing.

RIP Chewie...who died on Serpindal when the Yuuzhan Vong used a Dovin Basil to pull the planet's moon down to the planet.

Star Wars?

Star Wars?

What could possibly out do Star Wars ... nothing of course. We will never see a 6 movie saga that touches the hearts and souls of its fans the way this one has. The ironic part is if you take 10 fans and ask them what their favorite part of the saga is ... you will get 10 different answers. That is what makes Star Wars timeless ... it touches every fan in a different way and they will have no problem telling you why their way is the best ... that's also the beauty of Star Wars ... really, REALLY great fan debates. Those debates will always be heated and at the end of the day it will come down to agreeing to disagree.

Star Wars does not end just because there will not be anymore movies. As someone else pointed out there are two different TV series in the works ... one live action and another animated. There are hundreds and hundreds of books that take the story into the future and the past ... we've got stuff that goes 5000 years into the past and a couple hundred years into the future. Books have taken the story about 40 years after the events of Return of The Jedi and Dark Horse comics has taken the story even farther. Don't laugh at the comic stories ... this is NOT the old Marvel comics. Marvel did a hell of a job of trying to kill Star Wars with it's very lame stories but Dark Horse stories are extremely good and actually make sense in the story timeline. If you haven't read any of the books the best set to start with is the Thrawn Trilogy. It includes the books: "Heir To The Empire"; "Dark Force Rising"; & "The Last Command". They were written by Timothy Zahn and are beyond first rate ... if Lucas ever gets his head out of his butt these 3 stories will become the "official" epsiodes 7 - 9 ... no, they won't be made into movies ... it would be almost impossible for it to happen unless other actors took over the roles of "The big 3" ... Luke, Leia, & Han ... and I don't know too many, hell I don't know any, fans who would be able to stomach that. If Lucas really wanted to rake in the dough he would turn the guys at the cartoon network loose on the books ... animation could take us a long way in the way of new "movies" ... the live action TV show is still in the development stage and too many rumors are flying around at the moment to get a good handle on what they will include ... the one that comes up most is a telling of the story between ep 3 & ep 4 ... basically it would be about the formation of the rebellion and their first battles with the Empire leading up to the events of ep 4. There are others but this is the one that is talked the most about.

All that being said ... Star Wars will never die ... it will live forever in the hearts of the fans ... remember the words of Obi-Wan ... The Force will be with you ... ALWAYS.

Also on this date May 4, 2021...