Children's Mental Health Week on May, 2025: anxiety and panic attack = mental health?

Children's Mental Health Week 2025. Children's Mental Health Get resources, support & training. Join the cause. Change is needed.

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anxiety and panic attack = mental health?

hi. if you tell your son's social worker that you are being treated for anxiety she will only help you. if you are not getting respite care she can arrange it. there are some lovely children's hospices where you can either leave your son safely for a short stay or just during the day if that is what you need. you could go there with him if you feel you can't leave him. being a full time carer is a demanding responsibility and in your case a sad one. please tell the social worker how you are feeling and get some support.

having a short break from your son will recharge your batteries and make you a happier mother when he comes home. the social worker may be able to access counselling sooner through a charitable organisation. admitting you suffer from anxiety does not make you any less strong.

best wishes and a big hug, A x

Residential Mental Health?

Residential Mental Health?

Do you have a social worker? That is who I would start asking... they know all the group homes that are good.

If you don't have a social worker, you might call family and children's services or the equivalent organization in your area and ask for one. If you are having a hard time managing your life and need help getting the basics lined up they are wonderful. My ex-wife was a case manager for one of these organizations and helped a LOT of people get back on their feet.

Please tell me about mental health records?

Please tell me about mental health records?

He would indeed show an admission to a mental health facility. Based solely upon his admission, nobody would take his kids away. Now, if he were in a nasty divorce and custody case, his records could certainly be brought to light as evidence of him being unfit as a parent, but someone has to bring that up. Likewise, if the police were called on a domestic incident or child endangerment issues in the future, Children's Services would get involved and the record would be called into question.

However, nobody goes searching for suicide admissions simply to take kids away. There has to be a reason to look at the records.

Your friend is misinformed about employment as well. Relax. He is fine and certainly doesn't need to have these sorts of questions in his mind from you or himself at this juncture if he was just in the hospital 60 days ago. Let him heal. You can't do anything to change what has happened, but you can lower yours and his stress level from this point forward.

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