National Safe Boating Week on May, 2025: Can you get killed by getting run over by CFJ boat?

National Safe Boating Week 2025. wear it logo.gif National Safe Boating Week

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Can you get killed by getting run over by CFJ boat?

Lol, yeah. Right, must be funny.

If the wrong thing happens at the right moment so to speak - anything is possible.

Recently in a schools based sailing regatta in Australia a student became trapped under the mainsail - unfortunately the nature of the capsize meant that she was somehow entangled in the mainsheet. Despite the coach boat getting there within 60 seconds, as well as other competitors - she drowned. Sorry luv, I don't find it funny at all. Yes it is possible - another beautiful young lady sailing at a national recently - again through a series of phenomenally odd happenings - ended up getting struck in the temple by a cometitors boat. She was in a coma for weeks, and has taken a year to recover - it seems - back to her normal happy self. She is sailing competitively again too - she near enough died.

I saw a finger get torn off years ago when the crew of a fast cat class had it trapped between the hounds and the mast as he was flung past it when they pitch poled - that wasn't much fun.

Sailing is still incredibly safer than contact sports - or even driving a car normally.....

Has any one been to Hawaii ? Whats the best island to stay on? Can you spend two weeks there ?

Has any one been to Hawaii ? Whats the best island to stay on? Can you spend two weeks there ?

2 weeks? To someone who love the ocean, sun, and nature, 2 weeks isn't enough. But to someone who dislike outdoor, 2 weeks is more than enough... per my family experiences.

There are very reasonable packages to Las Vegas, sold by local travel agents. In fact, this is one of the most popular spot for locals to go for "vacation". If financial permit, you can do both places.

Anyway, here is an iternary that i share with friends & Yahoo users for Oahu.

Day 1 - Mon ~ Waikiki

Arrive this day, check into hotel and check out Waikiki beaches or areas (like the zoo, aquarimum, Kapiolani park) in the morning.

Then, go to Ala Moana Shopping Center (just outskirt of Waikiki) for lunch.

Opposite of Ala Moana Shopping Center is Ala Moana Beach Park.

Magic Island, part of Ala Moana Beach Park, is an enclosed area, great & safer for younger kids.

Be sure to take a great picture of Diamond Head view from the park.

Keep the first day around your hotel as you might be tired to go farther.

Check out Todai resturants for dinner. They have great seafood (mostly Japanese style) buffet.

Day 2 - Tue

Drive around the island. Visit North Shore, Dole Plantation (see the world largest maze), more beaches at Sunset Beach, Sandy beach, Bellow Beach, Ko O lina. Make this a drive day and visit as many places as you can.

Find a beach you like and come back another day.

Day 3 - Wed ~ Aloha Stadium/Pearl Harbor/Might Mo Battleship/Pearlridge Shopping Center

Go to Aloha Stadium Swap Meat/Flea market in the morning (like 7a.m is the best time). This Swap Meat is only available on Wed, Sat & Sun morning. Large selections of Hawaii gifts to take home for family & friends. Be sure to negiotiate when buying large quality.

A small fee required to enter the stadium (50 cent per head currently).

Spent about 1-2 hours in this place.

Then, process to Pearl Harbor/Arizona Memorial, which locate across from Aloha Stadium.

Free admission to watch the World War II documentary (about 20 min) on Pearl Harbor attack and a free boat ride to the Memorial after documentary., a donation will be helpful to the center. Surroundings are plates of history.

The documentary & boat ride is about 1 hours. However, on Wed/Sat/Sun, it is very crowded. You might have to wait a few hours before you can into the movie.

If you have a ticket for a late show, go & visit Might Mo Battleship (next door to Arizona Memorial) or do it after Pearl Harbor.

Fee required. A trolley will take you to the battle ship. Please join the guide tour as it is very informative. Went with a few friends and the history the guide told was very helpful.

Spent about 3-4 hours on the ship.

In the evening, proceed to Pearlridge Shopping Center. It is about 5 min drive from Pearl Harbor. Turn left at the traffic light at Pearl Harbor/Arizona Memorial exit. Right turn at Pali Momi road and into the Shopping Center. You can do great shopping there or just have dinner there before going back to hotels.

Day 4 - Thu

Take a hike to Diamond Head. Great city view. But fee required to go in. At the end of the paved path, there are a lots of stairs to climb.

Spent about 1-2 hours.

[If you want free hike and great view, proceed to the East for Makapuu. Also paved hike path, but mostly ocean view, not city view. Another free city view will be at Punchbowl National Cemetery (see Friday).]

For lunch, stop at Koko Marina. There is a Zippy Resturant which is a local delight.

After Diamond Head, go to Hamauma Bay. Closed on Tuesday. Great safe snorkeling place.

Fee required.

Spent whole afternoon.

Head back to Waikiki for dinner. There is a place called Palama Market, outskirt of Waikiki, is famous for great Korean food. Prices are very reasonable.

Day 5 - Fri

Visit Punchbowl National Cemetery in the morning. Varies wars history can be read on the wall displays. Also, take a short walk to open area. Great city view.

Free entrance. Please be respectful to the dead bury there.

Spent less than 1 hours.

Drive about 10 min down to Iolani Palace. This is the only Hawaiian Palace here. Take pictures outside the palace only. Join the Grand Tour for interesting Hawaiian history. You can watch a film too.

Fee required for touring inside the palace.

Spent about 1 - 1 ½ hour if joining tour.

Across from the palace is the famous King Kamehameha Status.

Next to the left of the palace is the Downtown Business District. Walk down Hotel Street (this street only allow Bus to drive thru, no cars allow) towards Chinatown.

Chinatown only 2-3 blocks away. Visit Little Village resturant for delicious Chinese food. Or go to Chinese Culture Plaza for good dim sum.

If you like art, visit Honolulu Art Museum which is outskirt of Downtown, towards Waikiki. Fee required.

Head down to Kakaoko Park for a great sun set view. This was once a dump site. But now a nice park area.

Find a L&L Plate Lunch for dinner. Local favorite eat out. There is one in Wal-Mart (near Ala Moana Shopping Center).

Then, head to Tantatus Mountain for a great city night view. Driving required to get up there. Free.

Day 6 - Sat

If you find a beach worth second visit (from Day 2), spend another day at this beach. If not, visit Waikele Shopping Outlet for some last minutes gifts. There are also places like Pali Lookout (great view also has hiking trail), Bishop muesum, Hawaiian Water Park (theme park for family), Kualoa Ranch Horseback riding, etc. Just a note, some locals do visit these places, so it might get crowded during weekends.

Note, Swap Meat at Aloha Stadium available in the morning.

Day 7 - Sun

Fly home.

If you have a longer stay at Hawaii, I would suggest that you visit other islands.

My favorite recommendation is Big Island (also known as Volcano Island or the island of Hawaii).

Big Island is worth at least one day trip to the Volcano. You can do a early morning flight & jump on the latest flight back to Oahu. Fly to Hilo if you want to visit Volcano Park.

Otherwise, spend another 3 day there is great.

I want to go on vacation alone this year; where is a good place for a woman to travel to?

I want to go on vacation alone this year; where is a good place for a woman to travel to?

I've traveled the world solo, and while it is fun to travel with friends and family it is also fun to do it alone. The total freedom, can be like a breath of fresh air.

Where to go and what to do will depend on several things, like budget, time you have to travel, and interests.

In the U.S. there is a lot of possibilities:

Miami has a lot to offer, great cool places to window shop, local food that is like no other in the states, and lots of off the beaten path things to do. Ever ridden on an air boat? How about getting up close to a gator? Maybe an exotic bird? Catch a sun rise on the beach, it's so peaceful. For a hotel, you can pamper yourself in any one of the 5 star, or save the $$ and enjoy a nice safe room at the Homestead chain.

Not into the sun shine state? Pick a boarder town in Texas. Brownsville is a typical small town, but only minutes from South Padre Island and Mexico. Here like many other border towns, you can just walk across. Enjoy the shopping, food, then return to your American hotel. South Padre is one of the more expensive places, but by staying in Brownsville, you can enjoy by day and sleep cheap.

Another town in Texas that offers a great time is San Antonio. Lots to do and see, and some more great food.

Want to get back to nature? There are tons of national and state parks that offer lodges and cabins. Take your comfy shoes, camera and relax. Just think... a whole vacation with no make-up, dresses, or heals.

Want to get away... take a cruise that stops at a lot of ports. Each port will offer you enough to keep you busy. Don't want to pay that surcharge for traveling alone, tell them you will accept a room mate. The odds you won't get one, but if you do, it will be another woman.

Have time to travel overseas? Paris! People think of it as being the romantic city, but there is enough there to keep you busy for weeks. Shopping is a bit expensive, but eating and the sights aren't that bad.

the Netherlands from spring to early fall... the long days offer plenty of day light hours to travel the country. Amsterdam is gorgeous and there are so many other places that easy to get to and enjoy. In the summer the sun will be up long before you are, and sunset doesn't arrive until late night.

How about sampling the East? Singapore has to be one of the safest places on the planet!

There is so much out there to do and enjoy. However there are a few simple things you can do to make your vacation a bit safer.

Travel by day for the more remote places, at night pamper yourself in the hotel or visit a well populated place. If traveling at night, make sure cabs are easy to get.

Let someone know at your hotel where you plan to be for the day/night.

Carry your hotel's phone number.

Carry a cell phone. (make sure the battery is charged)

Most of all, do what you want! This is YOUR time to recharge, if you want to sleep in, do it. Want a super sized meal, enjoy it. No one is there to tell on you.

Don't forget to get pictures of yourself! Look for someone else taking pictures, either a family or better yet some one with a real nice camera, and ask if them to take a picture of you with your camera.

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