Screen-Free Week on May, 2024: Free Week - Is there an app that will allow me to view what im doing on my ipod nano (the screen is cracked) on

Screen-Free Week 2024.

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Is there an app that will allow me to view what im doing on my ipod nano (the screen is cracked) on

Check with Apple Care. They do repair some screens free of charge.

"In a message last week to its service providers in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific, the company said any customer reporting that their iPod nano’s screen had cracked should have their repairs processed as “covered repairs.”

“The AppleCare Repair Center will also be processing such repairs as covered repairs,” the company added. This means iPod nano owners with cracked displays should be able to contact AppleCare via telephone to arrange for their players to be serviced under warranty.

It’s unclear if Apple’s decision to continue replacing cracked iPod nano screens stems purely from the initial vendor quality problem or if it is a result of an ongoing issue with the screens. However, Apple’s recent note to service providers appears to imply the latter."

Otherwise you can replace the screen yourself Try this:

Saving Senior picture CD onto my computer?

Saving Senior picture CD onto my computer?

Try ScreenHunter to capture the screen (free)

How much screen time do your kids get?!?

How much screen time do your kids get?!?

GO OUTSIDE! I have an 18 month old, and I'm trying to break my own screen addictions for her own good. We spend tons of time outside, especially now that it's nice out. We go to the park, take walks, even hit the library, which has story times at 2PM 4 days per week. We read when we're at home. There are lots of puzzle toys she can play with. I put on music and let her "help" me clean house, do laundry, cook meals, etc. We visit neighbors who have kids so we can play with their toys, and we welcome them into our home for the same purpose.

You're probably not going to get a lot of answers from completely screen-free parents, as screen-free people wouldn't be on the Internet. :)

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