Work At Home Moms Week on May, 2024: I have a three week old son, should I be a stay at home mom?

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I have a three week old son, should I be a stay at home mom?

I have been a stay at home mom now for 10 years and I will tell you that it is hard. Personally I chose to stay at home with my first born till he started school and then my goal was going to go to college.

I did not want a babysitter raising my child or relatives who ever the child is with most of the day is who he she is going to do most of thier learning from. It is a sacrifice and if you are a selfish person it is not for you. It is total commitment. However I wanted my children to know that I loved them enough to stay at home not send them to a babysiter, daycare or grandma's. Im not bashing those who do not stay at home with their children. We are not going hungry because i do not work.

Talk to your husband this should be a mutual decision. If he does not like the idea of being the only bread winner he may resent you later.

You will become depressed if you stay in the house all day and just follow the same routine. Make friends and find hobbies that you and your baby can enjoy out of the house. Do not become isolated you will suffer and your baby may suffer. Ask yourself this question. Do I want my family to have stuff or do I want my family to know I denied myself for them. You only have them for 4 years then they got to preschool. Then they make friends, then they have boyfriends, girlfriends. This is the only time in your life and thier life that you are number one, do you want to miss out on that. I didn't. I knew they were going to be gone in a blink of an eye and then I would have a verity of opportunity where i could think about myself and what i wanted for me.

Even though it is hard and you do not get paid you have a bond that is strong, and memories. It is rewarding and you will miss it when they are grown. Just think about how you will feel about yourself if you miss this chance with him.

However I do not want to encourage something if it is not for you, some people just can't do it. You can always change your mind later on but i would at least give it a try.

good luck

stay at home moms?

stay at home moms?

Hi. I am not a stay at home mom but I only work 3 days a week. And anytime I am home I have 3 children under my feet all the time. I understand what you are feeling, anytime my kids are not home and it is just me (which is a rare occurance in itself) I feel completely lost . It is just too quiet. So I turn on the TV or the Radio and clean the house. Something I have very little time for between work and 3 kids. But the trick I find is to have the radio on generating background noise. When it is quiet it is depressing almost.

Stay at home moms?

Stay at home moms?

I stay at home with my son for the same reasons as you. I was the one who carried and gave birth to him - why would I want to give someone else the joy of raising him? I want to be the one to teach him, comfort him, play with him, and celebrate his milestones. Yes, that has meant making some sacrifices, but it's so worth it.

I laugh whenever someone talks about the "pros" of daycare. What are the pros - extra cold germs? My son has never gone to daycare a day in his life, and he's an extremely social little boy, as we've been very active in play groups and Mommy And Me classes since he was 10 months old. He did start part - time preschool (two days per week, three hours per day) this year, and he had no trouble adjusting; he marched right in as if he had been there his entire life. Imagine that - a socialized child who has never been to daycare!

I'll resume my career out of the home when my son starts school full - time. Until then, this is the most meaningful job I could ever do.

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