National Transportation Week on May, 2025: what does the National Guard do?

National Transportation Week 2025. National Transportation Week 2013 focuses on globalization ... National Transportation Week

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what does the National Guard do?

It depends on what your MOS or job is. Im in the guard in a transportation unit. So we go on missions when called by the state or the president. But its all dependent on what kind of job you want. But you have to do your drills which are one weekend a month and 2 weeks generally in the summer. This year my unit goes to canada!!!

The Week of May 13-19 is National Transportation Week.... What ya gonna do?

The Week of May 13-19 is National Transportation Week.... What ya gonna do?

Not doing anything special - planning mostly sitting at home because I can barely afford the fuel to transport anywhere.

National Road Pricing?

National Road Pricing?

In the big scheme of things, England need really good public transport.

It must be affordable, reliable and managed properly on a national scale.

Removing the profit incentive of so many greedy PFI messes should also be considered.

A coordination of current transportation needs is essential to decide what routes should expand and where new services need to be added.

This government is inept and has passed it's anti-Midas touch on everything.

A research program into hydro-cars to make oil redundant would be a major leap forward but oil is a nice tax spinner so more public voices should pressurize the government.

Also on this date Thursday, May 1, 2025...