Reading is Fun Week on May, 2025: What are some fun games to play at a slumber party of teen girls?

Reading is Fun Week 2025. Sodus Community Library News: July 2011 week of Summer Reading fun

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What are some fun games to play at a slumber party of teen girls?

Sleepovers are great for girls! They can relax, hang out, and have fun. Read on to have the best time at your sleepover! Good Luck!

Step 1: Send out invites at least a week in advance. Call invitees, mail invites,email them, text them or ask them personally. Remind them to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, etc. Limit the amount of girls you invite if you don't want things getting crazy. (Remember if not all your friends are coming make sure your friends that are invited know who they can talk to about the party.)

The Ultimate Teen Party

Step 1: Have an Amazing Recording Studio Party with all your friends!

Step 2: Stock up on junk food and goodies. Caffeinated drink and sugary foods are good for staying up all night. Good snack foods include popcorn, pretzels, cookies, ice cream, chocolate etc. Ask guests beforehand if they have any food allergies however and if your parents are having difficulties (money wise) ask your friends to all bring a plate of food or a packet of lollies so your parents don't have to spend all their money on junk food.

Step 3: Rent movies movies that may include Picture This or Sydney White (chick flicks) or pick out some good movies from your collection. Ask around before the party to see if anyone wants to see a certain movie. Romantic comedies are usually a safe bet for a bunch of girls.

Step 4: Plan some fun slumber party games:

* "Pick a Question": Everyone writes down a few questions, such as "Who will be the first to get married?". Then everyone answers them on a note pad.

* "Would You Rather": "Would you rather kiss a monkey or wipe an elephants bum?" So childish but funny at the same time because you have to answer.

* Play truth or dare.

* Play Charades or Sardines, which are great group games.

* Play Murder in the Dark or Ghost in the Graveyard.

* Have a laugh while playing chubby bunnies.

* Board games and card games are another option. Ask people to bring their favorites.

* Tell secrets.

* Make up ghost stories or read them from a book.

Step 5: Get makeover supplies. Make face masks, paint fingernails and toenails, or apply makeup, but don't make a mess.

Step 6: Ask everyone to bring in their favorite CD's so you can play them on your stereo during the party. Or you can just turn on a radio station you all love.

Step 7:Prepare the house. Decide where you want everyone to put their stuff and hang out for the majority of the time. Place a trash bin in the room so you don't end up cleaning up everyone's candy wrappers.

STep 8: Have the party! In the end you'll probably still have a blast even if you're not completely prepared activity-wise. Just have fun.

Step 9: Order food. Take out food, like pizza or Chinese food, is a great idea.

Step 10:Use a camera to take pictures of the party. It can be fun posing and sharing the photos after wards.

Step 11: Make or buy breakfast. You can ask your parents to make waffles or pancakes or have them buy doughnuts and pastries from a bakery.

Step 12: Help everyone pack up and thank them for coming as they leave.

Hope this information helps you to have a gr88 party!:-)

sight reading for choir?

sight reading for choir?

it's gonna be a bit hard to do in a week but start learning basic notes on a staff and know fun sayings to remember them like for the space notes space=face or all ally cats eat garbage....or even george bush drives fords.....i am willing to help you....feel free to email me with questions and i will do my best to help...i have been sight reading for about 10 years and i am also in a choir too so i know what you need to know lol

Help with questionnaire on reading habits?

Help with questionnaire on reading habits?

1. How many times do you read a week?

2. Do you read for fun?

3. Would you rather read a magazine article or a short story?

4. What is your favorite type of literature?

5. What are barriers you have to reading more? ex- time, no books, etc

6. Do you read in order to learn new things?

7. What topics do you like?

8. What would make reading more enjoyable?

9. How many books have you read in the last six months?

10. Do your parents encourage you to read?

11. Do you ever check out books from the library?

12. What was the best book you ever read?

13. Would you rather read in a quiet library or in your room with music?

14. Do you prefer reading on-line content or hard copies?

15. Why do you choose to read?

16. Do you think that reading for fun is important?

17. Should schools assign more or less reading?

18. Do you think your vocabulary improves as you read?

19. Do you ever read on the weekends?

20. Do you discuss interesting books with your friends?

21. jHave you ever thought about starting a book club.

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