Emergency Medical Services Week on May, 2024: Child protective service showed up at my door, advice?

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Child protective service showed up at my door, advice?

Children Services is after the money they get when your child is on a case plan. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. CALL A LAWYER!!! They will use anything you say or give them to boost their case. They will lie to get access. Trust me, I know. Even though we had never been involved with children services before, I now have a court document that says we were convicted of prior child abuse just so they could get a case plan approved. This was over a house that had some clutter in it (not trash, dog crap, or yucky stuff like that, but clothes and paper). We were in the process of restoring cleanliness, after a couple months of medical emergencies, but Children Services didn't care. They removed my kids for a couple days, charged us with neglect, and threatened to remove my kids permanently. When we went to court, they made it look like we had been found guilty of abuse in the past and that these were little kids. My kids were all between the ages of 10 and 13 at the time. It took over a year to get them out of our lives and then only happened after we spent thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and the judge finally agreed that the court case should never have been filed in the first place because Children Services lied on the initial filing.

We are now trying to rebuild the damage CPS did to us financially and to the family structure because of their so called "help". They didn't help me find the counselling services I needed for my daughter, they only focused on the cluttered house which wasn't bad enough to even warrant their intervention. They tried to require me to take a mental assessment to prove that I had mental problems (hoarder). I currently have a Bachelor's degree in business and am working on a Master's degree in Education. I had to go through different assessments before I could enter college and passed them all. As a person who works with children, I have to regularily undergo evaluations and additional training. The judge agreed that Children Services had no reason for wanting the mental assessments or access to our medical records, but that didn't stop Children Services from trying to get them. I found out that my daughter's counselor was giving them information without my knowledge. Children Services forged a document. I only found this out when my doctor asked us why Children Services was requesting medical records for the whole family. I told the doctor not to give CPS anything and since Children Services didn't have a legal right, they couldn't do anything to get the papers. Even after the judge told CPS to remove medical/mental monitoring from the case plan, they left it there for 3 months. During that time, they kept trying to find additional things to have the judge add it to the case plan. They rewrote documents and added anything else they could find out. I have reviews that state one thing and then a later review that tries to say the first one was wrong. Example - one review states that the house had always been kept acceptable while the next one states that it had never been acceptable and was getting worse. This was only because we were going back to court and CPS wanted their new case plan approved.

Just what you have written above looks like you might be neglecting your child. Anemic - you're not eating correctly and neither is your child? Depression - you might harm yourself or your child? Not on medicine for ADHD - this means that you can't focus on your child? Do not give Children Services access to your family without contacting a lawyer first.

I used to think that Children Services was there to help people - not anymore. Children Services is only there for one thing. If they can get you in the system, they get money from the state. Don't do this by yourself, GET A LAWYER and get one NOW!!!

What is National EMS Week for?

What is National EMS Week for?

The purpose of National EMS Week (this year, May 17-23) is to educate the public about emergency medical services, and to bring attention to an important part of emergency medicine.

Those of us in the field already know that prehospital care is a fairly new innovation in medicine. It has only been within the last 40-50 years that emergency care has started to move outside the hospital. When most people think of emergency medicine, they think of the emergency room, or maybe an ambulance. EMS week allows us to highlight each link in the chain - from the first responders whose initial care to a patient can make the difference between life and death, to the BLS (Basic Life Support) personnel like EMTs, to the ALS providers (Advanced Life Support - paramedics), emergency nurses, and then finally to the doctors. Each link in the chain has a very vital part to play.

These links are actually represented in the Star of Life - which is the symbol of emergency care units and personnel. Each branch is a symbol of one of the main tasks performed by EMS providers:

1.The first rescuers on the scene observe the scene, understand the problem, identify the dangers to themselves and the patient(s), and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety on the scene (circulation, electricity, chemicals, radiations, etc.).

2. The first rescuers call for professional help.

3. The first rescuers provide first aid and immediate care to the extent of their capabilities.

4. The EMS personnel arrive and provide immediate care to the extent of their capabilities.

5. The EMS personnel proceed to transfer the patient to a hospital for specialized care and provide medical care during the transportation.

6.Appropriate specialized care is provided at the hospital.

EMS week is a national event when a lot of services hold open houses to allow their communities to meet their EMS personnel outside of an emergency situation, learn about the services and care provided by those organizations, and educate themselves about emergency medical services in general.

How do disaster relief, medical, etc. organizations differentiate?

How do disaster relief, medical, etc. organizations differentiate?

The main differences are:

Type of incident responded to - sudden emergency or ongoing situation

Speed of response - are they there within days or do they arrive after the first wave

Length of commitment - days, weeks, months or years

Service offered - Search and Rescue, Medical, Infrastructure etc.

Religious affiliation - eg Red Cross / Red Crescent

Funding - Governmental, Charitable or mixture.

That should be enough for you to tell the difference.

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