National New Friends, Old Friends Week on May, 2025: What to do with my best friend?

National New Friends, Old Friends Week 2025. NATIONAL NEW FRIENDS, OLD FRIENDS WEEK Try lunch with a new friend at

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What to do with my best friend?

Friends with benefits is never a good relationship to be in, especially at your age. He is a legal adult and you are underage, big problem for him. Having said this he gave you an important clue. He said he did not want a GIRLFRIEND 2 hours away. Just let him know that you want to stay friends and wish him luck in basic training. Stay busy with friends and stay away from the friends with benefits type of relationship. If your friend wants it to be more later on let him initiate the relationship and make it clear that you are not interested in friends with benefits so that you both are on the same page.

My best friend has a horrible boyfriend...?

My best friend has a horrible boyfriend...?

Situations like these can be extremely frustrating. Your friend seems as though she loves this guy, she just doesn't like his behavior, and she can't seem to separate the two. In the end it will be her decision on whether this guy is in her life or not. As a friend, I would just make it clear to you how this situation makes you feel. At the same time, I would encourage you to be there to support her no matter whether this guy is in or out of her life. And by supporting her, you don't need to support her relationship with him. I would be worried if you cut her out of your life, because if this guy is as flakey as he seems, then you might be the only good thing in her life sometimes. Be a good friend and be honest as well. Stay involved in her life, because you might be all she has if or when things go bad again.

If you or your friend are ever feeling really stressed, know you can call our hotline or visit our website,

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please help my friends 15 month old?

please help my friends 15 month old?

You need to check with her doctor about medications. It has been recently determined that many cold medicines, even some supposedly meant for kids, are dangerous for children as young as that. In particular, aspirin must never be given to small children. Ask about *plain* Robitussin (or generic guaifenesin syrup) to thin out mucus and make her cough productive, so she coughs less. There may be a small-size dose suitable for babies.

Mop up her little nose with a warm washcloth, and use one of those special suction bulbs designed to help remove mucus from the nose. Take it apart and wash it thoroughly right after use, before the mucus dries. Let the parts air dry on a clean washcloth, where the little glass bulb won't fall and break.

The Grand National Cold seems to be going around. I'm just getting over it myself. Little kids don't know why they're so miserable, they just are. Fortunately these illnesses generally clear up after a week, ten days at the most.

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