National Tourism Week on May, 2025: Tourism in New England?

National Tourism Week 2025. National Tourism Week Begins on Saturday as National Tourism Week

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Tourism in New England?

Go to Acadia National Park. It's the most beautiful place I've been in my life.

Medical Tourism to the Philippines?

Medical Tourism to the Philippines?

there is no free national health in the US. health care costs are very expensive. a routine pregnancy / delivery may cost $4k to $10k at a US hospital with 1 overnight stay, , v. $200 at a filipino clinic with 3 nights stay; minor cosmetic surgery like lipo or bariatric may cost $10k to $20k. in the US v. maybe $2 k in the Philippines. So the airfare of $1000 to $2000 is easily covered.

even something as simply as a course of physical therapy could cost $4k for 2 week treatment in the US about $200 per session v. $20 per session in the Philippines.

for most in the US, without really great medical insurance already paid for, they can visit the philippines, and pay for the airfare, spend a week at boracay, and have a nice vacation for less than the cost of going to the nearby hospital at home.

If you went to America for to weeks what states would you go to?

If you went to America for to weeks what states would you go to?

Two weeks is not nearly long enough to visit the USA.

You will fly into LAX, so for sheer convenience I suggest you start with California.

This state has much to see and do, but this depends on the type of things you enjoy.

Are you the Hollywood/Disneyworld type or the National Parks type?

In California I would not miss LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Yosemite National Park or Lake Tahoe.

From Tahoe it is a short drive across into Nevada to Carson City and Reno (if you don't go across to Vegas from LA, then Reno is worthwhile)

This California tourism site might prove helpful:

And just look at how beautiful Tahoe is:

If you stay on the west coast, drive up to Seattle, Washington, passing through beautiful Oregon. Everywhere you look in this state it's beautiful.

Moving a few states to the east, South Dakota is another lovely state full of surprises.

Mount Rushmore, The Badlands (breathtaking) and the Crazy Horse monument all make this state worth the visit.

Of course if you fly to the east coast, NYC is a must, as is Washington DC, (Maryland), Boston (Massachusetts) and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).

Each of these major cities are full of wonderful sights, and each have a unique history and quality about them.

Texas too is an awesome state; Galveston and Dallas both lovely places to visit.

It's not worth mentioning my favourite of all places in the USA, (Yellowstone National Park) unless you have at least a week just to spend there!

Montana and Yellowstone NP (mostly in Wyoming) alone are worth the trip over!

Spongify I'm an Australian too, trust me when I tell you two weeks is not long enough.

It takes a day to get over jet-lag and (if this is your first trip) another to get your bearings, and adapt to the driving on the right side.

If you cannot extend you trip, just choose two or three states, do some online research and decide what you want to see before arriving.

Have all your travel arrangements (be it flights, or hire cars)organized before leaving Oz.

And have an awesome time.

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