Salvation Army Week on May, 2024: How times a week the Salvation Army empty their clothing collection bins at any retail store

Salvation Army Week 2024. Happy National Salvation ... Salvation Army Week

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How times a week the Salvation Army empty their clothing collection bins at any retail store

Yes, you are right. The Salvation Army should keep their bins emptied and not let them overflow into the parking lot. I admire you for being concerned with the clothes that were donated to the poor going into the dumpster. Your boss is probably busy and might not want to take time and effort to call the Salvation Army. Also he might have called them in past and it didn't do any good. Maybe you can get a friend to call them and let them know the situation. It might not be a good idea for you to call them yourself. If your boss throws away old clothes for the poor he might also fire the shopping cart collector for any kind of friction.

How much does a Salvation Army Officer get paid?

How much does a Salvation Army Officer get paid?

It would depend on the location, but a new Salvation Army officer couple (husband and wife) will get paid about $25,000 per year before taxes (between the two of them, so $12,500 each per year). It's not as much as everyone would think. However, that $800 every two weeks only pays for things such as food, savings, clothes, cable, required vacations, and any more luxury or pleasure things. Salvation Army Officers have their house, gas, insurance, and cars paid for. Officers also get a little more cash based on children and age of children. Officers generally get paid more as they're promoted.

Many officers know that they don't have a lot of money but mostly they're fine with it.

Job at the Salvation Army?

Job at the Salvation Army?

im pretty sure they wont

the salvation army is pretty leniant about all that, in fact around here they mostly hire recovering drug addicts.

but- you can always call or email and ask about it, to be sure (:

Also on this date Wednesday, May 1, 2024...
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