Black Single Parents Week on May, 2024: my 10 weeks old kitten is turning from black to gray?

Black Single Parents Week 2024.

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my 10 weeks old kitten is turning from black to gray?

No as kittens get older their coat colour and texture can change a little so she is now at the age where her adult fur is starting to show through,its all down to her genetics even black cats can have grey or white speckles if parents were black and white for example,

she shouldnt change all over but will have speckles,my cat started off as black and white but ended up brown and white by the age of around 6 months old,she too have many white odd hairs around her brown fur,

i even had a jet black puppy who by age 12 months had lots of white hairs all over her,it turned out her mother was black and white so i knew where that came from!,

but no they dont do a dramatic change all over,its just her adult fur coming in.

Interracial Parenting?

Interracial Parenting?

I really don't think times are as bad as it once was. Your parents grew up in a time when it was uncommon to see couples of a different race together and I'm sure they have witnessed children going through some rough times with others. Its not really like that anymore though. My brother and his wife have a child and she is bi-racial (half black and white) and I'm 40 weeks pregnant today with a bi-racial child(half black and Filipino). My husband and I aren't scared of what people will think and neither is my brother. Just teach her that people are people no matter what the color is. That's the only way we can break the vicious cycle of discrimination of race. I was raised to treat people on how they treat me, not what they look like and that's what I plan on doing with my child. Good luck.

Don’t most white people hate blacks ?

Don't most white people hate blacks ?

I don't feel most white people hate blacks. If they did, blacks would not be in the positions many successful blacks find themselves in today. Does racism exist - absolutely, but that is a knife which cuts both ways.

The difficulty many blacks have achieving in this country I feel can be attributed to the following reasons:

1) The small percentage of blacks, particularly young black males, which are responsible for a disproportionate percentage of crime in the country (particularly violent crime). I have heard but can not recall the sourse that attributes 75% of murder in the country to black youths. If that is correct, that would mean that roughly 3% of the population is comitting 75% of the murders. Reduce the murder rate attributed to young blacks in half and it is still an outrageous statistic.

2) An extremely high percentage ( 60+ % ) rate of unwed females giving birth into a system which will perpetuate their children into almost certain poverty and dependence on an ever increasingly resentful society.

3) A significant portion of the black culture which appears to be incapable of fully integrating into a system which has proven time and time again that its rewards are directly proportional to the effort put into achieving within the system.

4) An apparent broad based inability to accept that not all actions taken against blacks are because of skin color. Sandra McKinney is yet another recent prime example. Had a white person, congressional member or not, struck a whitehouse cop in today's climate, that person would be under the jail, not appearing on 200 media outlets for a week playing the race card.

I have to admit, it was refreshing that not a single member of the Congressional Black Caucus participated in her defense in any manner.

5) Hold on to your hats for this one - I feel the single biggest reason blacks aren't as succuessful as everyone would want them to be is an inabilty to move forward despite the tragedy of slavery. There absolutely has to come a time when that era in their history is remembered but not used as a crutch or devisive tool.

There IS NOT another single society on the planet that has not taken slaves or conversely has not been taken as slaves as a result, primarily, of war. It does not make either one right or wrong. It makes them a fact of history experienced by every single race, society, culture, and country that ever existed prior to 1900.

My ancestory is Irish. I will not get into the well documneted torturous behavior the people living on what is now Ireland have endured since seemingly the beginning of mankind.

Do I fault, the Scandinavians, the Romans, the British. Each of these groups have taken slaves, ruthlessly murdered men, women and children and looted everything of value they could manage to carry and some they couldn't like the land itself. These are all well documented facts. But most importantly to me is that they are facts which did not happen to me, my parents, or grandparents just as no black person living today can claim.

I accept this is how people of different origins treated each other during that period in history. Nothing more, nothing less. Just actions in the context of world history.

There must be some point in time when blacks living in the US accept their history in a similar fashion or they will never fully allow themselves to intergrate into the society.

Pick your magic number. Whether its 150 years, 500 years, or 5,000 years, only you can decide.

Just as a point of reference, between 1841 and 1845 alone, the most widely accepted numbers of Irish deaths at the hands of the british are between 700,000 to 800,000 or put another way as much as 30% of the total population in many regions of the country. 2 million others were forced to flee Ireland or die as well. These deaths are part of a long history of turmoil in Ireland which ended less than a decade ago and had been going on in this latest instance for over 900 (yes 900) years.

Every person, society, culture, and civilization all have tragedy in our past. Such are many aspects of life when looked at with too long a lense. My advise, for what its worth, is to get over it or continue to be consumed by it....

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