National Nursing Home Week on May, 2024: How do i start a national petition re: nursing home negligence?

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How do i start a national petition re: nursing home negligence?

Start by writing to your local congressman, then senator, then governor, etc. The more information (be very precise, specific homes, locations, conditions, perhaps alleged coincidences as in more than one incident in a certain home, etc.) the better. Having a signed petition with all of the specifics is even better. I'm unsure of what state you are in, but if you know the name of your senator, just put it in the search area in google and look for the actual .gov page in his/her name.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, I can certainly empathize with the severity of negligence causing far too many losses.

Best of luck.

I have a question about nursing school clinicals?

I have a question about nursing school clinicals?


How far is the school (and the hospitals used for clinical rotations) from your home in TIME as well as in MILES (fuel consumption). Clinicals often start @6:45 am. Remember, time spent in traffic is time unavailable for other things like studying, writing papers and childcare (if you have a child) TIME is going to become a VERY important commodity while in any training curriculum so distance to and from school and clinicals may have a significant impact on your GPA and your ability to meet deadlines.

How are the clinicals scheduled? Will you go every week and if so then how many actual hours will you be assigned? To become a confident nurse you'll need adequate clinical experience as well as book work to prepare you for the National Nursing Exam.

In general clinicals start at 6:45 a.m. and the days you attend depend most heavily on the individual school you attend. I am unaware of any school that schedules weekend clinicals because nursing instructors are typically unavailable during the weekends i.e. they teach M-F and require days off. In my nursing program we attended clinicals at least twice a week and in my senior year, three times a week, alternating days.

what education would you have to have to work in a nursing home?

what education would you have to have to work in a nursing home?

For dietary and housekeeping, you would need to be at least 16 years old, 18 in some places.

To be a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), you need to be 18 (usually due to liability) and have taken a CNA course (usually lasts anywhere from 4 weeks to a few months; depending on the frequency of the class each week).

To be an LPN/LVN, you need to have completed a year-long practical nursing program and passed the NCLEX-PN and be issued a nursing license from your state.

To be an RN, you need to have earned either an Associate Degree in Nursing or a BSN, passed the NCLEX, and be issued a nursing license by your state.

For other Allied Health professionals; it depends on the general requirements (college, state or national certification/licensure, etc).

Office staff would, like dietary and housekeeping, vary from facility to facility.

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