Teacher Appreciation Week on May, 2025: What can i do for teacher appreciation week?

Teacher Appreciation Week 2025.

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What can i do for teacher appreciation week?

What grade are you in? Most teachers do not feel comfortable accepting big gifts from their students. If you are in HS, a lot of times you can give gag gifts (not dirty ones of course), but light hearted humor ones that can be related to the class that you are in, or related to some inside jokes between the teacher and the class pertaining to the glass. For example, get your teacher a novelty ruler from a teacher's novelty store and make a plaque out of it and say “Ms. ______ The ruler of all of the English realm!” it seems stupid, but you can rest assure that he/ she will get a kick out of it and use that line in future classes. Like Look at my Plaque! It says Ruler of all English! I am the King/ Queen! Stuff like that! Instead of spending money on 5 gifts, get one with meaning. You can add details if you want if you want to add to the thought and want more examples. Better yet, you as a class should chip in on a gift like this. If every body in your class chipped in $5 bucks you can probably get a plaque professionally made with that saying, or the person in a shop like this can also give some cleaver ideas as well.

If your teacher has no humor like, but very nice or sentimental then you can make something with meaning, Mr. /Ms. ______ who truly made a difference for the Biology class of 2011. You can make a plaque with that inscribed on it.

If you know what your teacher likes (penguins) for example, you can get a plaque with a penguin on it or a penguin trophy with the inscription on it Mr. Bigglesworth, the teacher who truly made a difference for the biology class of 2011. If your teacher’s name really is Mr. Bigglesworth and has a really good sense of humor, I would have a poster made of a hairless cat and put I am Mr. Bigglesworth hear me roar!

ideas for teacher appreciation week?

ideas for teacher appreciation week?

I am a teacher, and I recommend having some food/lunch for the teachers. I would advise against little trinkets. For me, it is difficult to keep track of extra things. ( I do have to switch classrooms, though, so other teachers may not have the same problem.)

At my school, the PTA bought a few inexpensive frames and put quotes about appreciation and teaching inside them. They displayed the quotes through the week in the faculty room. They also used posterboard/butcher paper to display a few quotes in the hallway. The quotes that they put up last year are still hanging in our halls.

You could also ask to take the teacher's class for a little bit so the students could sign a card/make cards for their teachers. Or, if you have more parent support, delegate some of the classes among the parents.

One last idea...magnets. I am always using magnets to stick things to my whiteboard. You could either find a quote, laminate it, and put magnet strips on the back, or you could make some cute magnets. Just use the strong magnets so they can hold up posters.

Good luck!

Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher Appreciation Week?

I am a teacher and we ARE allowed to accept gifts.

One that our son's teacher loved was a gift card to a local store. He was really excited about it. We had a card for him too just to let him know how special he is.

If you have a teacher's store near you- get a gift card for that store. We are always getting supplies from the store that the school does not provide. Add to it a book of stickers- as we use a ton of them also.

Have fun and I am so happy you are doing something for your daughter's teacher.

Edit: a note on the flowers and baked goods- most teachers I know as well as myself get TONS of baked goods throughout the year. Every child's birthday, every holiday, etc. Too much. I end up throwing them out. Also, candles- we get those all the time too. Just trying to fill you in from behind the scenes.

Also on this date Thursday, May 1, 2025...