World Trade Week on May, 2025: Why were bomb-sniffing dogs completely taken away from the World Trade Center 2 weeks before 911?

World Trade Week 2025. World Trade Week: One World And Hundreds Of Data Threats World Trade Week

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Why were bomb-sniffing dogs completely taken away from the World Trade Center 2 weeks before 9/11?

Just a personal opinion, but it makes sense. I think it was an inside job because we hadn't been to war since Vietnam in all reality. The people who make bombs and munitions of various kinds and all the other tools of the trade were in a real slump. They also happen, just by some bizzare reason to be the same people who are our so called "leaders". The only real customers they had were the US government who was already as critical mass meaning we had to many arms stockpiled sitting idle. Our other customers, Israel and the middle east, but there were no large scale wars we could fire all this stuff off at so to bring profits up in order to control things globally once and for all we needed a new war and we got it, two of them and of course we invent boogiemen who already dislike us for various reasons.

Terrorists don't hate just for the sake of hating and despite what Georgie Boy says there is not one person alive I'm aware of who actually hates freedom. If they hated freedom themselves they would simply go knock off a 7-11 somewhere and surrender.

It's not a hate freedom thing, it's a power control thing and the powers that be want power. That goes for so called terrorists as it does for the Bushies of the world. Without centralized power there is no war. There's nobody to call the shots so...we invent reasons to kill on a mass scale. (OK, I'll grant this is over simplified, but so many of you can't even digest half of this argument let alone anything deeper)

Stay tuned...More to come...Watch your local news any given day.

Footnote: Sing praises, The people of China are starting to riot in the streets and will soon over throw the CCP. The real commies, not Liberals.

what exactly did the world trade center do and why was it a target on 9/11?

what exactly did the world trade center do and why was it a target on 9/11?

The world trade center was a collection of offices - many were world headquarters for multinational corporations - including financial companies with ties to Wall Street, such as Morgan Stanley, Aon Corporation, and Salomon Brothers. The North Tower became the home of the corporate headquarters of Cantor Fitzgerald and it also became the headquarters of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Given the current news events regarding Wall Street companies, and the extent to which people associated with one - Goldman Sachs - are and were at the controls of our government at the time, I believe that scams perpetrated by people here against the international community may have had something to do with it.

I remember hearing or seeing an interview with a woman in the middle east during the week that followed 9/11. In it she said "you did this to yourself". At the time that seemed unduly harsh, but over the years, I've come to think she was probably correct.

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