Neuropathy Awareness Week on May, 2024: Voice therapy exercises!! Please?

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Voice therapy exercises!! Please?

"Traditional voice therapy consists of two primary avenues: Vocal Hygiene and Voice Therapy. Vocal hygiene is a daily regimen to achieve and maintain a healthy voice. Vocal hygiene includes maintaining adequate hydration (6-8 glasses of water per day), minimizing exposure to noxious chemicals, no smoking of cigarettes, and the avoiding of excessive shouting, screaming or other loud voice use. Voice therapy is a behavioral intervention technique that makes use of vocal exercises, speaker awareness and proper postures and alignment when using the voice. Care of the Performing and Professional Voice. Singer with microphoneMany people rely on their voice in order to perform the essential functions of their job. This includes performers, teachers, salespeople, and numerous others. Ironically, people in such professions are more likely to experience vocal problems due to the strain of frequent use. Preventative care and prompt evaluation of problems can help patients avoid the development of more serious conditions. Voice Pathologist. What does a voice pathologist actually do? Services include laryngeal videostroboscopy (magnified “slow motion” imaging of the larynx) with differential diagnostic support & interpretation of laryngeal functioning as well as perceptual and objective voice assessment and treatment. Voice therapy is designed to improve vocal function and quality, including exercises for vocal fold strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and balance of the sub-systems (respiration, phonation and resonation) needed for healthy voice production. Goals of any voice therapy program are to return the voice to normal or as near normal sounding as possible. Voice therapy is usually short term, 4-10 sessions, over a 6-8 week period. Length of therapy is determined by diagnosis, the condition of the vocal folds, vocal habits, motivation and compliance with the therapeutic program. Behavioral Voice Therapy consists of two main parts, Vocal hygiene and exercises, to change the biomechanics of voice production. Vocal hygiene is similar to dental hygiene, a daily program to keep the voice functioning at its highest level. Maintaining good nutrition and hydration is a key to vocal hygiene. Avoiding vocal abuse such as shouting, smoking, excessive alcohol intake and noxious chemicals are all part of vocal hygiene. Voice therapy is a behavioral program to adjust the biomechanical forces that produce the sound of the voice. Exercises include breathing techniques, vocalizing exercises, proper placement of the vocal structures and adjustment of force or effort at the oset of the voice. Since hoarseness may evolve from various diagnoses, the type of therapy to use is determined by the diagnosis. HOARSENESS. may occur due to a number of underlying causes: Neoplastic Neurologic: Vocal fold polyp Vocal fold paralysis (unilateral) Vocal fold nodules Spasmodic dysphonia/Vocal fold granulomas Neuromuscular disorders such as/Parkinson's Disease/Vocal fold papilloma Essential tremor/Reinke's Edema/LAryngeal cancer Stroke (Cerebral vascular accident * Inflamatory. Gastroesophageal reflux. Laryngopharyngeal reflux. Post viral vagal neuropathy. Fungal laryngitis. Allergic laryngitis

Symptomatic voice therapy is an approach to work directly on single voice components, such as pitch, loudness, resonance, or respiration- Physiologic and holistic voice therapy is an approach to balance the three subsystems of voice production at once. Examples of physiologic voice therapy include Vocal Function Exercises, Resonant Voice Therapy, and the Accent Method of Voice Therapy. The procedures of the four steps of Vocal Hygiene Therapy: 1.Identify the trauma behavior: è. ¯ The clinician will provide the patient with a behavioral chart to record all inappropriate hygienic behaviors. ¯ Provide life-style modifications list that help the patient reduce laryngeal irritation. 2. Describe the effects: To educate the patient about the anatomy and physiology of the vocal system and how vocal pathology affects the voice production. 3. Define specific occurrences. 4. Modify the behavior. 5. Hydration. 6. Use a warm mist humidifier in your room 7.Build in periods of voice rest 8. Consider amplification 9. Breathe correctly when speaking

Vocal Function Exercises "Vocal function exercises are used to strengthen and balance the laryngeal musculature and create a balance among airflow, the laryngeal muscular effort and the tone placement. Direct physiologic exercises for voice therapy involves the coordination of many aspects of laryngeal muscle activity and respiration as a series of related actions. The exercises may also be used to indirectly address tone focus, onset of vocal fold vibration and laryn

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