Be Kind To Animals Week on May, 2024: What are your thoughts about animal abuse?

Be Kind To Animals Week 2024. Be Kind to Animals Week May 6-12 be kind to animals

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What are your thoughts about animal abuse?

i have no tolerance for any kind of animal mistreatment.i quit going to the pet section because so many people on there that were being irresponsible pet owners and after getting 12 violations in 1 week for saying what i thought i left it. good for you for your goals. i. love animal planets shows about the abuse inspectors. i hope you succeed in all your endeavors.

Best beginner breeding animal?

Best beginner breeding animal?

Breeding animals is not a little project that is done for fun. Breeding takes a lot of time, energy, and money. Any animal you breed is going to cost you more money than you will make.

The job of a breeder is the better the type of animal they are breeding. A good breeder has knowlege of genetics (ie- recessive traits, genetic illnesses, etc) You cannot simply buy two animals and allow them to breed. You need to purchase these animals from other breeders who has the background info on the animal for generations back. Lets say you go to a pet store and buy a hamster(its friendly, active, healthy, etc), and you breed it a few times. If a year down the road that hamster developes a tumor, all the babies now have a likelyhood of developing cancer(it in their genes). Breeders will choose animals that are free of defects, illnesses, etc and have been for generations. This ensures that the breed is better for thier efforts.

In order to breed you need a variety of breeding stock, one male and one female will not be enough. A female should have a few weeks rest in between pregnancies to regain strenghth, etc.

If something goes wrong does you daughter have the time, money, knowledge to care for the babies. What if the mother rejects the babies. What if the mother/babies are sick, does she have the $$$ for a vet?

What will you do with the babies once you have them? How many friends really want gifts of hamsters/gerbils/etc? How would you sell the babies? Can you bear the emotional strain of selling your babies that you raised and love to perfect strangers and possibly never seeing them again? How many generations can you keep before your family/landlord/neighbors/ local health inspector call a halt to your breeding practices? How many hamsters can you care for? At what point would they become a burden rather than a joy?

Can she handle losing the mother if something goes wrong with the birth? Will she be upset if the mother dies?

Is she prepared to spend more than she makes from selling them? Most breeders(of any animal) do not make big bucks and if they are then they are skimping on some of the care.

I suggest a good way of letting it hit home is through showing her the cost. Most children do not have the funds to breed correctly.

General costs(for a small rodent)

4 hamster ($10-20 each) - $40-$80

4 seperate cages(they cannot be housed together when not breeding) - $80

Quality food (fresh veggies/vitamins) $10 a month

Bedding $10 a month for all cages

Accesories(water bottles, bowls, toys) $50

Vet Care - $200

and the expenses continue if you cannot find homes for the babies, you'll then need more cages, food, etc.

Breeding is not a project, it is a responsibility. I suggest finding a local breeder and asking if she can volunteer and learn about breeding. Most breeders spend their lives dedicating themselves to the animal they breed.

Animal Shelters - Are Their Over-the Top Requirements Hurting Animal Adoptions?

Animal Shelters - Are Their Over-the Top Requirements Hurting Animal Adoptions?

I have to agree. I cannot believe some of the requirement for adopting an animal. I tried adopting 2 years ago and it was like adopting a child. I can see that they would want to put in safe guards to keep the animals safe, but some of the requirements are beyond ridiculous. The entire, "we need to ensure the animal is going to a good home" is a bunch of you know what. A simple adoption application and references should suffice in that situation. They chase away more good homes than bad with the way they go about it. They turn previous shelter adopters into buyers, b/c people get tired of the hassle that rescues and shelters give.

I went to 4 shelters and got so sick of the rigmarole that I bought a dog. These shelters cry that people buy dogs, and don't adopt, but they make it impossible for good people to adopt. They keep away the bad people, but also the good ones.

The requirements are over the top, and if you check something off "wrong", they act as if you are a potential animal abuser. The one thing I will not allow is a home check. That is beyond ridiculous. I have no idea who works at these places, what kind of people they are, and they want me to let them in my home? Not only that but on a lot of the applications you fill out what hours you work. So, not only does a perfect stranger know where I live, who is in the house, what hours I'm not home, they also have toured my house and know where I keep everything.

I also had an issue with bringing my other dogs to a shelter to meet the new one. I don't want my healthy dogs in that environment. I know my dogs and if they get along with other dogs(I wouldn't get one if they didn't). I will not expose my dogs to a shelter environment and the stress that goes with that.

I don't want to see any animal go into the wrong home, but it is also sad when they do not get into any home. It would be far better to talk about what they do not like, than just reject. In your case, wouldn't it have been more constructive to talk ask why heartworm meds were not purchased and then discuss the benefits. The problem is, most rescues see the bad in everyone that comes in.

I plan on getting another dog soon(since my 13 year old Jack Russell passed), but I debate weather I should just go straight to a breeder and avoid the hassle of the shelters again. It is a shame I have adopted four dogs from shelters, but I am very turned off by the recent changes in the adoption process.

I remember when you could go into a shelter and adopt a dog in a matter of hours. They called a few references, looked at 2 forms of id, and called your vet to be sure you had one.

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