National Pet Week on May, 2024: pets at home infected my tank!!!?

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pets at home infected my tank!!!?

I am in the UK and know pets at home very well would i buy fish from them no way i use Aquatic shops .

You had 0.1 Nitrite it should of been 0 you added fish to a tank that already had nitrite and it rocketed because of the new fish and they started dying your Ammonia is probably rising as well.

Do a large water change of 50% get your own test kit a liquid one and test daily

If your Angels have not Died they will do they have to have perfect water parameter's.

Edit...What size is your Tank

Edit again ..I looked back through your question you have had a lot of problems with your tank sick fish water quality ,your tank has not Been stable enough to hold any fish not the amount you have .

Whether you believe me or not is up to you but i have never had a water parameter problem or had any fish Die in 10 years of keeping fish.

Edit...Water parameter's should read 0 Ammonia 0 nitrite and under 20 for Nitrate ,its nitrate your thinking of its unheard of for Nitrate to be 0 nitrite must always be 0 unless your cycling a tank.

You had Ammonia in a previous Question so your water is not ok.

My advice is find a Good Aquatic shop in your Area they are the Best source of information you can get ,Mine are very Knowledgeable don't sell bowls wont sell fish unless they have a sample of your water,and make you bring another just to check its still ok.

They also give advice regarding Cycling Tank stocking and Always use Liquid tests to test and will double check the Results .

I wish you luck and stay away from pets at home .

Where can I find a list of national days?

Where can I find a list of national days?

Here are some just for the the next week, beginning April 17! (I had no idea...!)

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Trivia Days: 17-19

World Hemophilia Day: 17 Link

Adult Autism Day: 18

*Pet Owners Independence Day: 18

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Teach Your Daughter to Volunteer Day: 18

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Husband Appreciation Day: 18 (3rd Saturday)

Auctioneers Day: 18

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*Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day: 19

Boston Marathon: 20

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*Chemists Celebrate The Earth Day: 22

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contaminated pet food?

contaminated pet food?

There is a good article about pet food in Now Magazine (Toronto) last week... you will have to go into search to find it..that said, the pet food industry needs a shaking up because from what I am reading they are not at all honest about their product...the food is like 52% filler and is a major cause of diabetes in cats...they still use all the animal including the brain from dead animals...not slaughtered animals but "dead" from who knows what cause...anyway, you already know all this so I won't go on and I promise not to buy food this week but my dog eats maybe a bag, Hills who completely disclose their content, a small one, a month and her biscuits come from a natural store. Good luck it is about time.

Also on this date Wednesday, May 1, 2024...