World Laughter Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: I miss the old days, dont you?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 is World Laughter Day 2021.

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I miss the old days, dont you?

oh ya , the old days. beautiful and peacefull, free of all trouble and.

relaxed and care free. they were amazing. we got to focus on the present now, you know why. so we can have lots and lots and lots of old days in the future, and when youre grown up and think about you life youd say : wow, the old days, i really had plenty good ones of those. amen. god bless you.

Do each zodiac signs have different worlds?

Do each zodiac signs have different worlds?

Worlds........ worlds.

Aries: A hot world with an impressive castle in the middle that trains foot soldiers and archers and cavalry, all of whom set out to conquer all the worlds around it.

Taurus: A lush, green, fertile world filled with abundant flora and fauna and vast farmlands, where citizens live a peaceful, steady life.

Gemini: A high-tech world where time moves 3 times faster than elsewhere, citizens spend most of their time talking to one another and laughter is common.

Cancer: A watery and private world filled with comfortable homes of various kinds where people worship the Moon ritually.

Leo: A sunny world governed by a single beloved ruler who the citizens perform for and happily shower with gifts every day.

Virgo: An extremely clean, structured world where every citizen fulfils their duty to its upkeep through performing whatever task is demanded of them.

Libra: A beautiful world that revolves around artistic expression, well-known for its multicoloured skies and how there's always a song in the wind.

Scorpio: A dark, mysterious world that only lets a few people in and contains a vast amount of occult knowledge.

Sagittarius: A vast world with widely varying terrain and cultures of inhabitants, containing the tallest mountains to the deepest oceans.

Capricorn: A stable but forward-thinking world where credit is built on merit and a group of elders control the finance of time across the whole universe.

Aquarius: A united world with unpredictable weather patterns where inhabitants all work together on every project; all kinds of odd new inventions are built here and scientific experiments are carried out.

Pisces: A misty, dreamy world where time goes backwards and forwards without warning, and dreams are not separated from reality.

when is world laughter day and world ticklers day celebrated?

when is world laughter day and world ticklers day celebrated?

We celebrate the laughter day on the April 1.

Also on this date May 4, 2021...