International Respect for Chickens Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: is this good enough to maintain mr increase weight?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 is International Respect for Chickens Day 2021. International Respect for Chickens Day May 4, 2011 "Please do an ... For International Respect for

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is this good enough to maintain mr increase weight?

Hi, just saw your msg

I think, Being underweight is something of a concern. It can be worked out, Not a problem.

Ok. First of all, Increase the Protein food in your diet and also do exercises every morning,

You need to gain, something call Body Mass Index [ BMI ], Its an international standard of having a proper ratio in the body with respect to your height and age. Consult your doctor for checking your BMI.

And now... Most important...

1. Concentrate on your proper diet, Increase Salad intake to digest your food appropriately and eat Healthy.

2. If you Non- Vegetarian, Good Protein sources are Chicken, Eggs, Fish and etc.

3. If you are vegetarian, Good Protein sources are Soya Milk, Soya beans, Lentils, Vegetables. etc

4. Proper Sleep, Its is very important that you must have at least 8-9 hours of Good Sleep, that will build your internal muscles properly and help you gain weight quicker.

So the best Formula >>>>


:) I hope this helps. Take care, Good luck!

What are some ways to make my civics assignment fun?

What are some ways to make my civics assignment fun?

You have aleady made your assignment fun. I liked reading it and would definately join your country if I could locate it, knew which flight to take, find out the name of your airport and obtain the necessary passports and visa.

John smit too old to play rugby?

John smit too old to play rugby?

Smit is no spring chicken but I feel he just needs a breather to get one last, quality season out of him. I hope P.Divvy does what Jake White done in the last World Cup year and rests our veteran players, so as they are right on it for the World Cup push. Last time out he rested the likes of Smit, Matfield, Bakkies, Juan Smith, Montgomery and they were on fire for the World Cup. I believe Smit has one last season of quality international rugby in him but we need to save him to get it. He is no longer our #1 hooker. He is definitely the better hooker when compared to Bismarck du Plessis but no where near the athlete Bismarck is.

I for one am not so impressed by these laws. Might as well start playing Rugby League if you want to see all the non-stop running. Rugby Union has it's history in mangled and scarred forward packs grinding into each other. The scrum and lineouts used to be the highlight of the forwards play, now they're disappearing arts.

@ Dan - You have no clue what you are talking about. Matfield is the captain of the rampant Bulls and he is a highly respected person and player, both by his teammates and opponents.

@ Day - I don't like what you are saying, accusing us of throwing punches, head-butting, eye-gouging and getting red-carded because we can't keep up with the pace. We have not had one player red-carded this year, we have not had a player cited for eye-gouging or punching this year and Bakkies head-butted Cowan inside 5 minutes because Cowan impeded him. Don't talk nonsense. That's not who we are, so don't fabricate stories.

@ Day, again - Where did I say we are the best in the world right now? I simply stated that you are talking absolute nonsense by emphasising that the Boks resort to violence because they are too slow or outdated. We are guilty of only one of those BS acts and that was done way before unfitness could be used as an excuse. The unfortuanate thing is many people have your kind of thought pattern about us and I believe a few refs think like that too.

@ Taraboy - I just don't like all this negating lineouts and scrums. That used to be the highlight. Seeing the big men getting into each other. Watching Matfield decipher opposition lineouts as the game wore on. And yes, these are areas South Africans are quite literally born and bred for, so yeah, I like it. I've grown up watching this kind of rugby and I hate League because it does not emphsise it. What next, get rid of scrums all together?

And I would like you to quote me on blaming anything for our last loss? What I did say is that the first time we get a ref that actually pays attention to the AB's at the breakdown and you guys aren't so invincible anymore. It took you 80 minutes to take the lead in that game and we were smashing you in the tackles for over an hour but we ran out of legs. I even said had someone seen that forward pass, it is likely you still would've scored again. We will beat you next year. We can beat you and we will beat you. And I'd even trade being swept in the Tri-Nations again next year for the win in our imminent semi-final clash in the World Cup. When we get Heinrich Brussow back and can get a full 80 minutes out of Juan Smith, it's gonna be a whole other story.

EDIT: And I don't know why everybody is so high on Bismarck. He is a great asset in the tight-loose, almost like another loose-forward, but he is also a massive liability with his tendencies to cause stupid penalties.

@ My good friend Taraboy - Are you seriously gonna sit there and try and tell me Keven Mealamu is in any way inferior to Hore? You in no way miss Andrew Hore. Mealamu has been a monster. No Ali Williams, yeah, I can agree with that but as the new rules have taken away the emphasis in the lineouts, you have not had to worry about dealing with Matfield, or at least not had to worry about his abilities to decipher lineouts as the game wears on. And Donelly has hardly been a mug. And the AB's are never short on backs, lets get realistic here. Every one of your Super 14 teams possess dangerous backs.

We have had no specialist fetcher. Look at what McCaw does for you and Pocock for the Aussies. We have not had that. Brussow is a massive loss to us. And I could see the difference with Juan Smith involved. He added sorely missing physicality to our pack as well as a ball-carrying option. And it all depends on what P.Divvy does next year. If he wants to get a full Tri Nations out of Smit, Matfield, Rossouw, Schalk and the other vets, we'll be in trouble. If he does what Jake White done and rests them, we'll be in good shape.

And yes, when we get fit again, we'll be dangerous. Whether it's Burger and Smith starting and Brussow coming on late to cause havoc, or Burger and Brussow starting and Smith coming on late to hammer it home, we'll be looking sweet in the loose. Not to mention the world's best scrumhalf coming back. And we seem to have a decent, solid and mentally sound replacement for Bakkies Botha lined up, Flip van der Merwe. My only issue is 8th man and finding a balanced and settled backline. We have the players to do it, just need to settle them and P.Divvy needs to get over Pierre Spies and give us Duane Vermeulen. We have the pieces to knock you over, don't you worry about us.

Also on this date May 4, 2021...