International Baby Lost Mother's Day 2021 is on Tuesday, May 4, 2021: Questions about circumcision?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 is International Baby Lost Mother's Day 2021.

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Questions about circumcision?

My thoughts are that it is not your body, it is not your penis and you will not feel through the nerves that will be cut off. It is not your choice to make. The parts of the penis that are cut off are some of the most highly innervated parts of the human. The lips, nipples and fingertips have similar touch sense. To take this away from another person without their consent is heinous. To do this to a newborn baby is creepy, child abuse and a human rights VIOLATION.

I understand that a babies future sexual pleasure is not the first thing that many consider, but it is very important. The International Journal of Men's Health published results of a study that showed circumcised men are 4.5 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction due to loss of sensitivity. In a further study, The British Journal of Urology International reports that circumcised men can experience up to a 75 percent reduction in sensitivity compared to men who are not circumcised. It is never reasonable to take erogenous tissue away from another human without asking. Please give that some thought.

Only about 0.5% of males who are left intact at birth end up getting circumcised later in life. That tells you the foreskin parts are not as much of a problem as people make it out to be, and Men LIKE their foreskin parts.

National medical associations DO NOT recommend infant circumcision. Most note that there is no health benefit and that it causes HARM. The alleged benefits are contrived by people trying to keep the practice going – they want to pass it on to the next generation.

There is no data that shows HIV, HPV or any STD change or any real benefit to cutting off parts of a baby boys penis in the US, EU JP.... Even in Africa (with water issues) about the same number of cut men and natural penis men have HIV. Real world studies how that a man with a natural penis is at no higher risk of HIV and HPV. BTW, penile cancer is very rare and complications and death from circumcision are less rare. Let the boy have all of his penis and empower him to be safe as to disease.

The idea that natural penis boys have more infections is part myth and part BAD medical advice. It is now known that boys that are natural should not have their foreskin touched by others. The US medical advice was to pull it back and scrub with soap. That causes problems including infections.

You should know that infant boys are EASIER to care for when they are natural (intact). The foreskin does not retract until late childhood or even puberty, so you do nothing special, just wipe the outside of his penis clean and leave it alone. Furthermore, to prevent painful and bleeding erections later in life, doctors are now commonly leaving more skin behind- in a cut boy this means you may have to push the left over skin back at every diaper change and clean beneath it to prevent it from adhering or infecting. The very thing that mother's think they avoid by circumcising! In short- Intact = wipe like a finger, NEVER retract Cut= vaseline, clean thoroughly, push back remaining skin to prevent adhesions etc (the last step perhaps for several months or years).

It is actually not cleaner to have a cut up penis. It has now also been observed that natural boys have the same bacteria as natural girls and that cut boys have different (invasive) bacteria. A partial penis (cut up penis) is just missing parts, but as such it is invaded by not natural bacteria.

As to the theory that penis parts should be cut off in order to facilitate hygiene, consider the following comments of a pediatrician. This is certainly a different (and more logical) view of Hygiene:

"My experience as a pediatrician has convinced me that circumcision makes the penis dirtier, a fact that was confirmed by a study recently published in the British Journal of Urology.1 For at least a week after circumcision, the baby is left with a large open wound that is in almost constant contact with urine and feces--hardly a hygienic advantage. Additionally, throughout life the circumcised penis is open and exposed to dirt and contaminants of all kinds. The wrinkles and folds that often form around the circumcision scar frequently harbor dirt and germs.

Thanks to the foreskin, the intact penis is protected from dirt and contamination. While this important protective function is extremely useful while the baby is in diapers, the foreskin provides protection to the glans and urinary opening for a lifetime. At all ages, the foreskin keeps the glans safe, soft, and clean.

Throughout childhood, there is no need to wash underneath the foreskin. Mothers used to be advised to retract the foreskin and wash beneath it every day. This was very bad advice indeed. When the foreskin becomes fully retractable, usually by the end of puberty, your son can retract it and rinse his glans with warm water while he is in the shower."

Has anyone used reglan for milk production?

Has anyone used reglan for milk production?

The research on Reglan originally was for mothers of babies in the NICU who were making very small amounts of milk with consistent pumping. It has central nervous system (CNS) side effects which can be significant, and often any gain in milk production is lost when it is discontinued, which is usually after 2 weeks. Personally, I would not recommend it for your purposes.

How much are you supplementing with per day? Have you tried eating oatmeal, taking Goat's Rue, using Mother's Milk Tea? Have you tried more frequent stimulation either with the baby or an excellent pump? Instead of the beer, have you tried Brewer's Yeast several times a day (the component in the beer thought to be the most helpful)? Were you taking 4 fenugreek capsules 3 times a day? Has your thyroid been checked? Do you have sufficient breast tissue or any other issues with your breasts (2 distinct sizes, any history of surgeries, hormonal problems causing infertility)?

If you have tried all of these things with no results, and you are still having to give the baby significant supplements, please consider a far safer drug called Domperidone. You can probably read more about this in Dr. Jack Newman's website. You might also consider consulting an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for more help.

2 weeks old and breastmilk drying up?

2 weeks old and breastmilk drying up?

Pump 8-12 times in 24 hours with a hospital grade double electric pump. Hand express after each feeding for a better milk yield. Never go more than 3 hours between pumpings.

When you can, pump near the baby or right after holding the baby. Take home a diaper, cloth, or shirt from the hospital that has been in the incubator with him, and hold it close to you before you pump. Call the hospital and check on his condition before you pump (you can do this at night, too). Have a snack with protein and a drink before pumping.

Make sure you are eating at least 3 meals and 1 snack daily with protein. if you've lost your appetite, eat small amounts of good quality food frequently. Drink to thirst-don't allow yourself to get thirsty (keep water with you when you are in the NICU. It is hot and dry in there). Eat a small, nutritious snack at night if you get hungry (cereal is good, if you like it, and quick).

Oatmeal is good for helping with milk supplies. You can take fenugreek (2-3 capsules, 2-3 times a day) but should check any herbs or medications that you take with the baby's doctor. You can also drink Mother's Milk tea. Avoid hormonal birth control, decongestants, and sage or peppermint tea, as these can all impact your milk supply.

As soon as your baby is ready for oral feeding, ask to breastfeed. Research shows that if the baby is ready for a bottle, the baby can breastfeed, and it is better for him. Continue to try and breastfeed as often as you are able.

Good luck to you and your baby. Do not hesitate to seek help now from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or experienced La Leche League leader, especially if there is no one in the hospital available to help you.

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