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Why do cellphone companies care if I sell my new subsidized phone?

"Why do cellphone companies care if I sell my new subsidized phone?" The care as that is one of the carrots that they can hold over the user to keep them locked into the contract, besides the ETF.

Until the contract is complete, the phone is still the property of the carrier, and even when the phone is paid off, there are limits placed on what the phone can be used for legally, due to the lobbying efforts of the greedy carriers like Verizon and AT&T.

Welcome to America, where the rights of the average Joe or Jane are secondary to the whims and desires of big business.

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Why are people against health care reform bring in a CHOICE?

Why are people against health care reform bring in a CHOICE?

The insurance companies own the hospitals. They decided on the charges.

In most of the civilised world there is health care for every one from the cradle to the grave. People can and do choose private care if they can afford it or they can have private health insurance too, not instead because it has been proved that they use the private system to start with then when the insurance cover stops they claim state aid.

Insurances last for a year. They have exclusion clauses. Any one with a long term need for health care can find themselves in the dreadful position of choosing between dying or selling their homes. Some sell their homes and still die leaving their families homeless and in debt.

Poor health can effect any one of us. Accidents can happen too. In countries where there is state covers medical treatment they do not shove people to one side who need treatment whilst they wait for the patients insurance cover to be established.

I am in the UK and can get free medical care anywhere in the EEC with a reciprocal agreement in place. I take out travel insurance when I go there, not for medical attention but in case I need an air ambulance to bring me home. But it does cover the need for private care if I need it.

If I want to go to countries not covered by this I need to pay much less than £100 for a years insurance for myself and my spouse, this is for multiple trips during that year BUT. If I go to the USA That holiday insurance for a perfectly healthy adult jumps to £34 each for a two week stay.

You will find, if you stop allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by these insurance companies who do not want to stop receiving your contributions to their wealth, The cost of a proper National Health Service in the USA will be only slightly more than you pay for your private health cover to start with. But it will cover you for everything. That would include the exclusions in your private policy (have you read that policy?)

You can also buy private medical cover, like we do. You can also pay for a private consultation, like we can. You can get your operation free then pay for your recovery at an hotel like hospital. If you want to.

We can have plastic surgery free. OK we do have to wait a year for it,

The difference is. With a national or public service it has to be non profit making.

Q What sort of people want to make a profit from the suffering of others?

A The Americans with their private health care.

By the way, it was the Americans who financed the UK NHS. OK we had to repay it, with interest. but that is a fact. The rest of the civilised world who have Public health care, have based and in many cases improved on the UK system for their own system.

Don't be afraid. You wont turn into a communist state by being a caring one.

God Bless America

God Save The Queen

My almost senior mother cares for her mother who is 84?

My almost senior mother cares for her mother who is 84?

As you know, Medicare is insurance that covers only "medically necessary" services and does not pay for the day-to-day tasks that many elders need to remain healthy and beyond the doors of hospitals or nursing homes.

Your mom's idea is a good one that the folks at your local Area Agency on Aging would be able to tell you more about. The folks there would tell you if there are rules and requirements you would need to know and could also provide you with helpful information and resources.

Folks at the Area Agency on Aging serving your county are experts at listening to seniors and their caregivers and truly know about the community services that are available where you live. You can call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find how to contact the Area Agency serving the county where your mom lives. When you call, ask for the "Information and Assistance" staff or "Help for Family Caregivers."

Area Agencies on Aging have resources and support services that help older Americans and their caregivers. It is possible that there may be some services that may be of some help for your mom and your grandmother from the Area Agency on Aging. For example, if the costs of prescription drugs is a problem, Area Agency staff would be able to guide you to prescription assistance plans that may alieviate some of the financial stress in this area. If the household is income-eligible, there may be in-home help available from state and/or Medicaid funds. Some states have in-home services to help seniors and their caregivers available on a "cost share basis."

So, if you want to talk to "real people"-- who will listen and will do their best to help you, your mom and your grandmother assess possible options, I would highly recommend that you connect with your local Area Agency on Aging. These groups are one of the best kept secrets around for older Americans and their families who are seeking information on caregiving, Medicare and questions. This is a national network--and, like I said, they aren't selling anything! The staff there visit with seniors and family caregivers every day and will guide you to information you need to answer your question. Since they talk with seniors and caregivers every day--and answer lots of questions--they will know the resources available--and if they do not know, they will know who to call to get the information needed.

If you do contact your local Area Agency on Aging and like the help that they give you, let your local county officials and your folks in Congress know, too. Area Agencies on Aging don't have big budgets--their funding comes from the Older Americans Act and appropriations have not increased for years! Your voluntary financial contribution of any amount--which is absolutely not required to get the information you need in your situation--would certainly be appreciated.

Hope this helps. Good luck and best wishes to you, your mom and her mom!

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