Ostara Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 20, 2019: Ostara Ritual?


Wednesday, March 20, 2019 is Ostara Day 2019. Ostara - ReligionFacts Ostara goddess

Ostara Ritual?

How To Hold an Ostara Ritual for Solitaries

From Patti Wigington,

Your Guide to Paganism / Wicca.

Ostara is a time of balance. It is a time of equal parts light and dark. At Mabon, we have this same balance, but the light is leaving us. Today, six months later, it is returning. Spring has arrived, and with it comes hope and warmth. Deep within the cold earth, seeds are beginning to sprout. In the damp fields, the livestock are preparing to give birth. In the forest, under the canopy of newly sprouted leaves, the animals of the wild ready their dens for the arrival of their young. Spring is here.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: Varied

Here's How:

For this ritual, you'll want to decorate your altar with symbols of the season. Think about all the colors you see in nature at this time of year -- bright daffodils, crocuses, plump tulips, green shoots -- and incorporate them into your altar. This is also a time of fertility in the natural world -- the egg is the perfect representation of this aspect of the season. Symbols of young animals such as lambs, chicks, and calves are also great altar adornments for Ostara.

In addition, you'll need the following:

Three candles -- one yellow, one green, and one purple

A bowl of milk

A small bowl of honey or sugar

Perform this ritual outside if at all possible, in the early morning as the sun rises. It's spring, so it may be a bit chilly, but it's a good time to reconnect with the earth. If your tradition normally requires you to cast a circle, do so now.

Begin by taking a moment to focus on the air around you. Inhale deeply, and see if you can smell the change in the seasons. Depending on where you live, the air may have an earthy aroma, or a rainy one, or even smell like green grass. Sense the shift in energy as the Wheel of the Year has turned. Light the green candle, to symbolize the blossoming earth. As you light it, say:

The Wheel of the Year turns once more,

and the vernal equinox arrives.

Light and dark are equal,

and the soil begins to change.

The earth awakes from its slumber,

and new life springs forth once more.

Next, light the yellow candle, representing the sun. As you do so, say:

The sun draws ever closer to us,

greeting the earth with its welcoming rays.

Light and dark are equal,

and the sky fills with light and warmth.

The sun warms the land beneath our feet,

and gives life to all in its path.

Finally, light the purple candle. This one represents the Divine in our lives -- whether you call it a god or a goddess, whether you identify it by name or simply as a universal life force, this is the candle which stands for all the things we do not know, all those things we cannot understand, but that are the sacred in our daily lives. As you light this candle, focus on the Divine around and within you. Say:

Spring has come! For this, we are thankful!

The Divine is present all around,

in the cool fall of a rain storm,

in the tiny buds of a flower,

in the down of a newborn chick,

in the fertile fields waiting to be planted,

in the sky above us,

and in the earth below us.

We thank the universe* for all it has to offer us,

and are so blessed to be alive on this day.

Welcome, life! Welcome, light! Welcome, spring!

Take a moment and meditate on the three flames before you and what they symbolize. Consider your own place within these three things -- the earth, the sun, and the Divine. How do you fit into the grand scheme of things? How do you find balance between light and dark in your own life?

Finally, blend the milk and honey together, mixing gently. Pour it onto the ground around your altar space as an offering to the earth**. As you do, you may wish to say something like:

I make this offering to the earth,

As thanks for the many blessings I have received,

And those I shall some day receive.

Once you have made your offering, stand for a minute facing your altar. Feel the cool earth beneath your feet, and the sun on your face. Take in every sensation of this moment, and know that you are in a perfect place of balance between light and dark, winter and summer, warmth and cold -- a time of polarity and harmony.

When you are ready, end the ritual.


* Instead of "the Universe", feel free to insert the name of your patron deity or the gods of your tradition here.

** If you're doing this rite indoors, take your bowl of milk and honey and pour it in your garden, or around your yard.

What You Need:

Three candles - yellow, green and purple

A bowl of milk

A small bowl of honey or sugar

Seasonal decorations for your altar

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first day of spring for pagans?

first day of spring for pagans?

According to my calendar, Ostara, the Spring Equinox which is known as the first day of Spring, is today. (Except in the southern hemisphere of course which is celebrating the autumn equinox today.)

Easter is this Sunday, is that what you were thinking of?

I don't think the teacher should have said "Spring starts the same time for all religions." More like, for all the people in that hemisphere maybe? There are plenty of people who don't belong to any particular religion who still welcome the coming of Spring!

And as someone else already mentioned - it's not so much about celebrating the first day of Spring as it is celebrating Spring. There are three Spring Sabbats that Wiccans and some other Pagans celebrate - Imbolc (Feb 2), Ostara/Spring Equinox (around March 21), and Beltane/May Day (May 1).

Some groups hold their group celebrations/rituals on the weekend before or just after the Sabbat if it falls during the week like this one does - since it's easier to get everyone together on weekends with most people working during the week.

It certainly doesn't *feel* like Spring here though, my hands are freezing! :) But, happy Spring to you just the same.

Ostara is in 13 more days, anyone have celebration ideas?

Ostara is in 13 more days, anyone have celebration ideas?

what is ostara?I don't hate you i love you.Jesus loved everyone He even forgave the ones that crucified Him.You are entitled to you beliefs

Also on this date Wednesday, March 20, 2019...