French Language Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 20, 2019: learning the french language.?


Wednesday, March 20, 2019 is French Language Day 2019.

learning the french language.?

I made it to french 1 in just 6 weeks. And I had a private tutor. It depends how old you are, if you WANT, to, and if you catch on quick. I ADVISE YOU TO MEMORIZE WHETHER OBJECTS ARE MASCULINE OR FEMINEME! IT IS VERY HARD. but the rest is just a pattern, and to some people it makes more sense then english.

good luck!!

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does the french language still have a place in the arab world?

does the french language still have a place in the arab world?

In the Magreb countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania French remains a very important and nearly official language. These countries (especially Algeria) experienced the strongest form of French colonialism and had the langauge imposed the most. Even though these countries wanted to replace French with standard Arabic at first, familiarity with French was much higher than with standard Arabic after colonialism, so the language persisted in many official uses and in education, media, etc., and still does to this day. These countries also maintain a very close relationship with France especially since many immigrants from these countries go to France. So in these countries English is not replacing French, but the question is if standard Arabic will. I think that for the moment it won't, but people will just become very multilingual. Currently in all of these countries I believe students begin to learn standard Arabic at 6, French at 8 and English at 12.

In Libya and Egypt, French has always been a language of the educated, as it has been in much of the world. This is probably not changing, but English is probably becoming much more common, so the proportion of people that know English is going up rapidly, while the proportion that know French is relatively stable, or going up much more slowly.

In Lebanon, it seems that most educated people are trilingual. English is gaining ground on French, although it seems French still has a more important place in education and in goverment. It also depends very much on which group you belong to in. The Christians are very fracophilic, as are many Sunnis, but the Shi'ites are not as much.

It's a very interesting topic. Hope this begins to answer your question!

Helpful info about French Language Immersion programs?

Helpful info about French Language Immersion programs?

Hi , I am a french student too (about 1 year) but i am studying 2 hours a day. but if you wanna go to a French Immersion school , i recommend you to study in a french country like france . because you can use your skills outside of the class .

also you should learn the culture of french countries which is a part of any language .

Also on this date Wednesday, March 20, 2019...