World Storytelling Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 20, 2019: Is Columbus Day celebrated in the Old World?


Wednesday, March 20, 2019 is World Storytelling Day 2019.

World Storytelling Day

Not so long ago, a very long time ago (well, really, in 1991 in Sweden), a Storytelling Day occured. The ethos behind the wedding caught on around the world, so we celebrate World Storytelling Day with an worldwide level.The goal of World Storytelling Day would be to celebrate the skill of dental storytelling, with as many folks as you possibly can all over the world telling and hearing tales in their own individual languages on the day that. People participating can connect with other people around the world who're also adding – which makes it a really worldwide festival that produces new buddies and encourages positive knowledge of cultures all over the world!So, continue, sit lower together with your buddies and family members and join the Un of storytellers about this day's honoring cultural folklore and the skill of dental storytelling! Why don't you spin a yarn, and pass lower your tales to another generation?

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Is Columbus Day celebrated in the Old World?


Is that a new Seniors' shopping


any night club in disney world (Orlando) that don’t required to be 21.?

any night club in disney world (Orlando) that don't required to be 21.?

Nope, there are none that are below that legal age.

Sadly, ALL of the disney nightclubs are closing in september to make way for new attractions.

"NEW! Walt Disney World Resort Unveils Bold New Vision for Downtown Disney

Plans Include New and Enhanced Shopping, Dining and Other Experiences

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (June 27, 2008) – Walt Disney World Resort today unveiled a new vision for Downtown Disney, with extraordinary new shopping, dining and other experiences including a completely re-imagined Pleasure Island. Also planned are numerous enhancements to popular Downtown Disney locations, as well as additional theming and storytelling brought to life by Walt Disney Imagineers.

"We are committed to offering guests new and exciting experiences they can only have at Walt Disney World Resort," said Downtown Disney Vice President Kevin Lansberry. "Our bold new vision for Downtown Disney reflects the feedback we receive from our guests each and every day and will enable us to continue to offer the high-quality entertainment that is our hallmark."

Over the next year, the 120-acre entertainment-shopping-dining complex will add a number of one-of-a-kind, immersive experiences for guests. Downtown Disney will even get its own iconic attraction, in the form of a giant, tethered balloon that will take guests 300 feet into the air to view the amazing vistas of Walt Disney World Resort. Other new experiences include:

· In fall 2008, guests will enter a world of prehistoric creatures at T-Rex: A Prehistoric Family Adventure. The dinosaur-themed family eatery will serve up pizzas, pastas, seafood and more, and will feature life-size animated dinosaurs that dwell among bubbling geysers, waterfalls and a fossil dig site.

· Also this fall, a design-your-own t-shirt store from Hanes will add to the growing collection of merchandise guests can personalize at Downtown Disney.

· E-brands Restaurants, an Orlando-based, multi-concept restaurant group, will premier its newest concept at Downtown Disney in spring 2009. The high-energy, casual eatery will feature authentic Central and South American cuisine, specialty drinks and live music along the waterfront.

Guests also will enjoy a brand new mix of shopping and dining experiences at Pleasure Island as it is transformed over the next two years.

"Our guests tell us they want additional shopping and dining experiences at Downtown Disney," added Lansberry. "We are currently considering a number of unique concepts from around the globe as we re-imagine Pleasure Island and look forward to sharing our progress over the coming months."

To make way for the new offerings, all of the clubs currently on Pleasure Island will close on Sept. 27. Other locations on Pleasure Island, including Raglan Road, Fuego by Sosa Cigars, Curl by Sammy Duval, Orlando Harley-Davidson and outdoor food and beverage locations, will remain open during the transition.

To complement these new experiences, many popular Downtown Disney locations will undergo enhancements.

· Beginning this summer, Portobello Yacht Club will be transformed into a Tuscan Country Trattoria. The refreshed menu features authentic Italian dishes and signature favorites and a re-designed interior along with an outdoor dining space.

· This fall, Goofy's Candy Company will add a special new room that will enable families to host one-of-a-kind birthday parties at Downtown Disney.

· The Marketplace Stage will be completely replaced with a larger, covered stage this fall to welcome even more entertainment to Downtown Disney and serve as a new premier venue for Disney Magic Music Days.

· Fulton's Crab House will update its interior fixtures and furnishing and exterior in Spring 2009. The enhancements include a refreshed third floor deck dining area to offer additional Disney guests and larger private parties the traditional Fulton's experience.

· Next year, Wolfgang Puck Café will update its interior fixtures and furnishings and will feature an enclosed glass patio offering guests a year-round outdoor dining experience.

These efforts come on the heels of recent enhancements at World of Disney, Wolfgang Puck Express, Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop, Earl of Sandwich and Cap'n Jack's Restaurant."

Starcraft 2 wings of liberty or world of Warcraft 3 ?

Starcraft 2 wings of liberty or world of Warcraft 3 ?

You mean Warcraft 3. "World of" refers to the MMORPG game and its expansions, that aren't numbered (not for retail branding, anyway).

Starcraft 2 is a better choice, all-round.

- Warcraft 3 looks old. Some of its animations looked a bit silly even back in 2001; those were the days when RTS games were only embracing 3D. Visually, Warcraft 2 (a 1994 game) has actually aged better than Warcraft 3.

- Warcraft 3 is harder for a beginner, and its match-making system kinda sucks.

Starcraft 2 is what you'd call crisp. It has fantastic graphics, and is fun even when played badly.

However, one thing I say for Warcraft 3 is that it has the best storytelling to ever come out of Blizzard. It has three unforgettable "anti-heroes" — Arthas, Illidan and Sylvanas, each with some really deep character development against an epically detailed background. All of the World of Warcraft narrative seems, frankly, just to capitalise on the explosion of great storytelling that was Warcraft 3. And for all the good things about Starcraft 2, its campaign plot is a bit thin and functional, and you can spot a lot of re-used tropes.

So if there's any reason to play Warcraft 3 in 2013, it's for the story and characters. If you just want a great real-time strategy game, go for Starcraft 2.

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