Kiss Your Fiancée Day 2019 is on Wednesday, March 20, 2019: Why do some couples save their first kiss for their wedding day?


Wednesday, March 20, 2019 is Kiss Your Fiancée Day 2019. A CUP OF JO: Would you wait to kiss until your wedding day When you finally kissed,

Why do some couples save their first kiss for their wedding day?

I'm a Christian as is my fiancee so we are saving sex for marriage. However we do kiss lol.

I know people, who are also Christian, who saved their first kiss for marriage, however they didn't do it for any of the above reasons. Noone did it because they thought that unwed couples shouldn't kiss. someone up above me said the Bible says the first kiss should be saved for marriage, In all my life (AND studies - I'm at Bible college) I've never come across that verse. Even if it is true, I think we need to remember the cultural aspects of that. For instance, women wore veils because their husband to be had never seen them. Naturally they never would have kissed if they'd never seen eachother. So, no, that's not why they don't kiss...

They save/d their first kiss for marriage, because they don't think they have enough self-control to kiss without going further. They do it as a percautious method. Perhaps it's a good thing to know your limits.

I'm sure there are other reasons why different people don't kiss until the wedding, as different people would naturally have different reasons, but everyone I know had that reason.

I think you just need to do what suits you and your partner.

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Fiancee Trouble?

Fiancee Trouble?

Honestly my friend, your fiance should have put this guys balls on her mantle the first time she kissed him so that it didn't happen a second time. But now that it has, I would question my girl's commitment to the relationship...because I can GUARANTEE that I wouldn't let a girl kiss me on the mouth twice unless I liked it....and you can take that to the bank!

what’s the first real kiss like?

what's the first real kiss like?

the first "real" kiss is awkward, sloppy, sometimes very unpleasant. you'll get better at it but if neither of you have even kissed anyone before, you will have no idea what you're doing and it will be terrible. just keep practicing. fortunately, neither of you will have anything to compare it to so you'll think it was great =)

on that note, if you have never had much physical contact before the wedding, PLEASE, for both your sakes, do NOT have sex straight away. give it a few weeks, get to know each other physically before you try to do it. try things like hugging intimately, making out, oral sex, before you go all the way. doing it before you're comfortable with each other and ready causes more harm than good.

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