Twins Day 2021 is on Sunday, August 1, 2021: Twin day at my school?


Sunday, August 1, 2021 is Twins Day 2021.

Twin day at my school?

At my twin day at school, me and my buddy dressed up as Eng and Chang, the famous conjoined twins (born 1811). The term "siamese twins" was coined for them. Eng and Chang married two sisters (who were not conjoined -- but wouldn't that have been a delicious twist to the story) in a, wait for it....double wedding! Eng fathered 11 kids and Chang fathered 10 kids, although it was later determined that Eng was actually the father of 4 of Chang's children. It was not that Eng engaged in an affair with Chang's wife behind Chang's back (and feat that would have been physically impossible due to the location of their connection). Rather, Chang inadvertently used Eng's penis while performing intercourse with his wife. Such are the trials and tribulations of siamese twins.

Can you imagine the reality TV/ fetish porn opportunities for these two and their wives had they been born 130 years later: "the Cheng and Eng Gang Bang", "Chang and Eng plus 21", Cheng and Eng at the Jersey Shore". Despite missing out on television/film fortune, the twins were nevertheless financially successful spending twelve years on the three-legged race pro circuit and amassing a small fortune in winnings.

Chang died of bronchitis in January 1874. After dragging his brothers deceased corpse around for 2 1/2 years, Eng finally succumbed to exhaustion.

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Have any ideas for twin day?

Have any ideas for twin day?

Me and my friend did twin day last year, we both braided our hair, and used matching hair ties, and we brought our make-up to school and did it the same way in the morning, we also wore pants that were closely matched in style and color. Try to find two shirts you own that match, or look a like, and wear those too. Shoes aren't overly important, but if you have some that are the same, use those too.

Also you could both wear movie theater glasses with the lenses punched out, just to have some other things that match. and maybe wear headphones or something too? hahah. You could also go for the conjoined twin look and walk with your arms linked or something. :p Hope I helped.

twin day ?????????????????????

twin day ?????????????????????

I was twins with my friend and we got a three dollar shirt at JC Pennys and a ten dollar skirt. That cheap and simple. It's that easy. Really nobody's going to care if it wasn't expensive!

Also on this date August 1, 2021...