International Clown Week on August, 2024: Arab media : ” the IDF has proved that its troops follow international law "?

International Clown Week 2024.

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Arab media : ” the IDF has proved that its troops follow international law "?

It has been proven over and over that the UN’s human rights reporter is not an objective source on conditions in Gaza.American professor Richard Falk was appointed by the Human Rights Council as the United Nations Human Rights Rapporteur in the territories. He is tasked with monitoring human rights violations by Israel, but has no mandate to investigate Palestinian human rights abuses against Israelis. Prior to getting the job, Falk praised Ayatollah Khomeini as a “liberator,”11 suggested a neoconservative conspiracy was behind the attacks on 9/1112 and asserted that Israelis behave like Nazis and are perpetrating a “holocaust” on the Palestinians.

After the Gaza war began, he immediately charged that Israel intentionally targets civilians and the Human Rights Council condemned Israel’s operation in Gaza on January 12, 2009, without mentioning Hamas or the violations of Israeli civilians’ rights

Is is clear that no one can expect any credible information to come from the Council or its emissary.

One of the tragedies of any war is that innocent people are caught in the crossfire. Unfortunately, this was true during the fighting in Gaza. Throughout Operation Cast Lead, however, reports of casualties were exaggerated by journalists, medical professionals and Palestinian officials in the Gaza Strip. Almost all of the figures repeated by the media were derived from partial sources and repeated without verification.

Palestinian officials, all of whom were employed in Gaza by Hamas, had an incentive to skew casualty numbers to tarnish Israel’s image and give the appearance of victimization. They also hoped to appear more heroic to the broader Arab public. More than 1,000 Palestinians were killed during the operation, they claim, yet, somehow, only 48 of these Palestinians were members of Hamas.

UN workers also have serious credibility problems because they are in Gaza to help the Palestinians, have strong sympathies for their cause and a history of involvement on different levels with Hamas.

Some journalists reported that more than 400 Hamas terrorists were killed during the three-week operation, but it is nearly impossible to know the exact number because, at the first sign of the Israeli air incursion, Hamas terrorists were told to take off their uniforms and put on civilian clothing. Hamas forces then proceeded to hide in public buildings, making it extremely difficult for Israeli troops to distinguish gunmen from civilians. Thus, reports on the number of civilian casualties cannot be trusted. Wounded men shown in photographs or on news channels during the Israeli strikes could have been Hamas terrorists disguised in regular clothing.

“Various sources in the Gaza Strip, including medics, journalists and a few Hamas supporters are convinced that the movement is not telling the truth about its human losses and the damage done to its security and civilian infrastructure.”23 While fatality lists from Palestinian sources vary, the Israel Defense Forces released an official list of the 1,166 names of Palestinians killed during the war in Gaza that was gathered by its research department. Among the dead were 709 identified as Hamas terror operatives, 162 men who had not yet been attributed to any organization, and 295 identified as Palestinian civilians.24

Hamas’s leaders have claimed a victory over the Israeli army, maintaining that gunmen killed 80 soldiers and wounded hundreds. According to the Israel Defense Forces, 10 soldiers were killed during the operation and several of this number died from incidents of friendly fire. Additionally, Hamas officials have not publicly admitted that IAF forces destroyed hundreds of their smuggling tunnels and rocket launching sites.

Sadly, innocent Palestinians did die as a result of the war that Hamas provoked. The true number will probably never be known, but reports on the human toll of the war should not be repeated without verification by sources that are not beholden to Hamas.

Is my speech ok..? International Audience?

Is my speech ok..? International Audience?

First of all,that is a wonderful speech. I think it will affect many people in your audience to take action. I rate A+.

You've made me so happy =) You have given me hope that there are people in this world that care about animals and have a heart. Thank you....thank you...ah,I can't say it enough. I love you. =)

Will strong, patriotic veterans be able to make a difference?

Will strong, patriotic veterans be able to make a difference?

And why should you believe that somebody who flunked out of basic training after only 2 weeks counts as a 'veteran?'

Another thing you should remember is the number of fake "veterans" this organization has.

Of course what really sucks is how these clowns get all the press while the 98% of veterans who disagree with them are ignored.

Also on this date Thursday, August 1, 2024...