Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week on August, 2024: Do you do anything to help homeless pets?

Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week 2024. Pets of the Homeless Stats on Homelessness · My Dog

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Do you do anything to help homeless pets?

yes. i found a puppy in a ditch. he couldn't even walk. took care of him for 2 week and he slowly healed up. then found him a good home.

2 of my dogs i bought them off friends who didn't take care of it.

i bought a sugar glider from this girl cause she was just gonna release it .

i sometimes leave food out for this white dog around my neighborhood.

i feed stray cats at my gam apartment.

so yes i do help homeless pets by feeding them and finding homes.

Are stray or homeless cats playful and friendly? ?

Are stray or homeless cats playful and friendly? ?

I feed several stray cats and some were affectionate straight away, so I suspect they were abandoned pets. (It happens a lot here in Cyprus when people leave the island). The others that were feral or stray from birth, were timid at first, but after months of feeding they have all become friendly.

Make up a paper collar with a note on saying: "If this is your cat please call this number...", so that you can ascertain whether the cat is definitely stray. Place it round the cat's neck and secure the two ends with a small piece of seloptape (don't put selotape right round the whole thing as that can be dangerous if the cat gets caught up anywhere). If no-one calls within 24 hours you can be fairly sure it is most likely lost or stray.

The next step is then to check with local vets and animal shelters to see if anyone has reported this cat as missing. You might also want to take it to the vet to see if it has a microchip.

why are their so many homeless pets these days?

why are their so many homeless pets these days?

There are many reasons but here a just a few:

First off people do not do their research on said pet. They go to a pet store, listen to the crap spouting out of the sales persons mouth and believe it like its gods words with in reality 25% of what they said MAY be right but most of it is wrong.

There is the cost. Most people think you can just feed the lowest costing brand and be done with it. Which is wrong.

Vet care is something people NEVER think about with it comes to any pet other than a cat or dog. Guinea pigs, rabbits and well any pet out there will at some point in time need a vet.

Care, most people think you can plop a caged pet in their cage and be done with it. When in fact they need daily interaction, spot cleaning and so on. They (the people) are not prepared to care for a pet that long term.

Finally there is breeding. Most people do NOT spay and neuter their pets. Even guinea pigs and rabbits need to be spayed.

These are JUST some of the issues.

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