National Farmers' Market Week on August, 2024: what are famous sites in canada?

National Farmers' Market Week 2024. National Farmers Market Week National Farmers Market Week

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what are famous sites in canada?

Well, since this is under Toronto, I'd say:

CN Tower

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Gardiner Museum

Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Ontario Science Centre (OSC)

Toronto Islands (the ferry boat ride over and back from Harbourfront is fun)

Hockey Hall of Fame (the McCausland Stained Glass domed window is quite spectacular I hear)

City Hall (Old and new), Nathan Phillip's Square

Farmer's Market

Leslie Street Spit

Ontario Place

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE -- last weeks in August only)...

There's lots more...check

And if that's not enough, "Google" Toronto Tourism. Have fun!

Anyone familiar w/Des Moines

Anyone familiar w/Des Moines, IA? Will spend week there 1 year from today/wondering what to expect? What 2 do?

I was born, raised, and currently live in Des Moines. One year from now could bring an entirely different atmosphere. Des Moines has changed drastically in the last few years thanks to both suburban sprawl and downtown renovations.

If you want to spend time downtown, I recommend walking through the skywalks just to see downtown up close and personal. We use the skywalk system daily.

Bars . . . there are plenty; however, the trendy bars are downtown. Places like the High Life Lounge, El Bait Shop, and Hessen Haus are owned by the same group of guys who have really hit on exactly what downtown needed. Personally, I'm not a bar person, but I love restaurants with good bars. So, downtown, I'd recommend Raccoon River Brewing Company. There are pool tables upstairs that you can rent, and the restaurant is surrounded by new condos and such.

We have a decent live music scene, so I do recommend checking out the local free alternative newspaper called CityView when you get here. They publish once a week on Wednesdays, and they'll give you an idea of what's going on. You can skip over the snarky articles if you want to. :D

As for fun, it depends. I hang out at the horse track/casino (Prairie Meadows) a lot. Obviously, some people have a problem taking kids there as you have to be 21 to gamble here. But the upstairs has a buffet on race nights, and they have plenty of things for kids to do. In fact, last night, they had spin art for kids. The mounted police were there for the kids to get up close to the horses. Things like that. My sister and nieces are there all the time.

I'm an amusement park lover, and next door to Prairie Meadows is Adventureland. It's our dinky amusement park, but it's a great place for what are called flat rides (tea cups, things like that). It's just an old school kind of amusement park. It's a good place, but admission is pricey for what they offer ($28 a person).

Around this time of year, a city about 20 minutes south of Des Moines has the National Balloon Classic. It is held in Indianola, and there are more hot air balloons than we know what to do with. Very beautiful, and the morning showings are free.

If you are into art, the Des Moines Art Center is a gem. We have Monet, O'Keefe, Lichtenstein, etc. It's just an interesting place to go.

What else?

In mid-August, there's the Iowa State Fair. I don't usually go as it is hot, and I'm not into large crowds. But people come from all around to go. It's actually quite famous. A lot of food on a stick. And the butter cow. There's a lady who makes sculptures out of butter. This year, she's making a butter Harry Potter. Again, not my thing, but people flock to it.

Back downtown, a new science center was built last year (?) I think. I've been once. It's fun with kids, but usually younger kids. There is an IMAX theater there though. And it is right by the Hessen Haus and the other local restaurants on 4th street.

OH! The most popular thing to do right now is the Farmer's Market. It's huge. But it's a great way to meet the locals. Be prepared for parking problems.

One of my personal favorite things to do is watch the Iowa Cubs. They are the AAA affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. It's relatively inexpensive ($7 for general admission, but I recommend sitting in the reserved grandstand section for $9. Also, ask them to get you seats in the front row of one of those reserved grandstand sections. It's far more comfortable. More leg room.) The food is expensive, but it's good, up-close baseball.

inPlay is a place that just opened. It's a restaurant, arcade, and conference center all in one. It'd be great for your 13 year old, I would think. It's pretty busy still as it opened this year.

Jordan Creek Mall is the uber-mall in West Des Moines. In fact, I do recommend that if you want to shop, you head west. If you are on interstate 235, once you get past about 35th/Valley West Drive, it all turns into sprawl. But the farthest point out is Jordan Creek Parway. Get off there, go south or left. Once you get past the beigeness of the residential section, you'll see the Jordan Creek shopping complex. That is the newest area. It is about three years old, and they are STILL opening shops. If you take a left on Mills Civic Parkway, there are more shops, particularly the West Glen area which is about a mile from Jordan Creek.

I could keep going and going, but I hope that helps. If you want more information or if you are looking for something specific to do, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

My best suggestion is just to drive around. You can't really get lost. Know that if you are going north or south, if you go too far north or south, you can turn around. Once you get back to the center of the city, you will run into I-235, which takes you completely through the city going east-west. I-235 divides the city in half north to south.

Going around the city, you have I-80/I-35. The two are combined for a portion in a circle around Des Moines. In fact, I live just a mile from an entrance of that interstate. I use it to get to Prairie Meadows.

I hope this helps. I'm a lover of this city, and while people complain that there is nothing to do here, it's not even remotely true. You just have to know where to look!

I want to plan a Southwestern United States trip

I want to plan a Southwestern United States trip. I want to see as many of the great sites possible!?

Wow, I would love to take a 5 week trip through the Southwest. I'm not sure how wide an area you want to cover, but you have plenty of time to see a whole lot. I would start planning by looking at the National Parks Service website at There are so many outstanding national parks in the area like Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Casa Grande Ruins, Carlsbad Caverns, Petrified Forest. You will want to go to Las Vegas, of course, if no reason but to see the lights. If you make to over to Los Angeles, go to the Farmer's Market (it is a shopping area that has great food stalls) and to see the Queen Mary at Long Beach.

This is a trip that would benefit from joining AAA just to get the Tourbooks and Triptik. Get the Tourbooks and look for the 5-star rated attractions. They are very worthwhile to visit. Also look at for reviews on places to visit.

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