International Tree Climbing Days on August, 2023: Traveling To and Around The US Climbing?

International Tree Climbing Days 2023.

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Traveling To and Around The US Climbing?

If you are thinking of buying a car anyway, then I would say to just do it. Buy it anywhere but California though. Utah and Arizona are both decent places to buy a used car. Western USA is both an amazingly place to drive, see and climb in, and also very hard to get around without a car, even in cities. The public transport is not like Europe.

You could easily spend an entire year just in California climbing and driving and not even see half of it. Check out Joshua tree, it does not photograph as well as it looks in person. It is an amazing place and has some great short routes/boulders. Same with Moab, Utah. Both don't get a lot of international recognition but they unique places with great climbing.

You should know that not all camping and hiking is free in the US. Especially California. You can pay as little as $5 for a group for 3 days and at much as $20+ per person per night. You often need to get a permit to camp from the park office, entry point or ranger station. In peak season, you need to plan ahead or risk not getting a permit. Some places are cool with your camping out of your car for a night or so in the parking lot, some places are not. Again, California is the most regulated in that regard, though the Grand Canyon is pretty much equal.

I think keeping your trip to the CA, UT, NV and AZ states is wise, if you have time though, consider expanding it to include Colorado - there is probably more multi pitch trad climbing in the Sangre de Cristo range alone than there is in many countries. And there are few people and no fees.

If you go to Vegas to party, don't plan on staying more than 3 nights. Staying for a week is a classic tourist mistake, it just gets too much by then.

Good luck and have fun. Come single as the girls here will like your accent.

Finally you might want to check out some climbing/hiking websites to pick routes and get information about the area. The ones below are some commonly used ones. They often include a list of fee's and campiste information.

What to do on hot summer days?

What to do on hot summer days?

This is my personal summer list, you should try some of it!

Tarp Surfing

Restaurant in Seal Beach

Santa Monica Day

International Pillow Fight Day (Los Angelos)

First Sunday of the month Bower's Museum

Find the difference between "I can't believe its not butter" and butter

Turn off the sound on the tv and create the dialogue

Eat a can of spinach

Call pizza hut asking for the number to papa john's

Put a box on all the elevator doors

Make a fort, create a constitiution and become an individual country and have civil war insue

Climb a tree and drop marshmallows on people

Call Dairy Queen requesting Dairy King

throw skittles at people and say TASTE THE FRICKEN RAINBOW!!!

make a sidewalk story with sticky-notes

Go to a scary movie with an airhorn

Pretend to be a mime being raped

Spike a pie with laxitives and give to close friends

Wear fake mustaches in a fancy restaurant

Be paparazzi to normal people

Write our phone numbers on cheese and put it places

Library Adventure: Go to a library with two stories, go to a fiction section on the second story. Open a book with an unoriginal cover. What is inside on the third sentence of whatever page you open to has deep life significance to the course of the day.

Draw smilie faces on oranges and put them places

Paint oranges like poke-balls and throw them at people

I am looking for a vacation to Tanzania to climb the mountain and take a safari?

I am looking for a vacation to Tanzania to climb the mountain and take a safari?

July-September is Peak tourist season in Tanzania so more expensive.

There are 2 rainy seasons in Tanzania short rains Nov-Dec and long rains March-May. This is not the good time for Safaris as the grass is tall and animals are in hiding. This is also the summer in Tanzania. Good season starts towards end of May so you could get the best combination of prices and animal viewing in June.

There are over a dozen National Parks in Tanzania each famous for different Animals, some well known others very pristine and wild. There are several game reserves where controlled hunting is still permitted.

2 weeks is an ideal period to explore Tanzania. It takes about 4-5 days to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro followed by the most famous North Circuit (3-10 days) comprising of Arusha Snake Park, Lake Manyara National Park (tree climbing Lions), Tarangire National Park (Elephants), Ngorongoro Crater (undoubtedly the best in the world for its veriety of ecosystems) and Serengeti National Park (with a high concentration of all animals). All these are in one streight East west Line so you could fly in directly to Kilimanjaro International Airport from Amsterdam, keep driving west and come out to Mwanza, on Lake Victoria.

The less known parks are Mt. Mahale on L. Tanganika for Primates, no vehicles, only walking safaris and access by boat from Kigoma - drive from Mwanza and nearby Katavi National Park.

The Southern Circuit is much more wild and pristine consisting of Mikumi National Park, Ruaha National Park and the biggest and most unexplored of all - The Selous National Park. About 8-10 hrs drive from Dar-es-Salaam.

Other additional add ons could be 2-3 day trek to nearby Active Volcano from Ngrorongoro crater; Baloon safari in Serengeti; Train journey through Northern Selous; Great beaches and old stone town of Zanzibar the center of Slave trade accessible by a 15min flight from Dar-es-Salaam or through 1 hr cruise.

Typical park fees are $30-50 /pp for ea 24 hrs and typical accommodation choices in most parks range from star hotels, to tented camps to camping sites and vary from the range of $200-500 /pp per night full board in star hotels to $30-50/night for camping sites. Vehicles with giude come in range of $120-250/day depending on season.

Almost all national parks have an airport with customs and immigration office but only accessible to small chartered flights

Ideally local travel agents would offer a better bargain. I could give you the contacts of about half a dozen reliable ones and you could shop around.

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