Lughnasa Day 2021 is on Sunday, August 1, 2021: Upon the arrival of Christians in Celtic land


Sunday, August 1, 2021 is Lughnasa Day 2021. Lughnasadh (Lugnasad) - Cross Quarter Day - Early August Dancing at Lughnasa was

Upon the arrival of Christians in Celtic land

Virtually all the festivals have pagan roots;the church plonked their holy days on top because it was easy to convert people if they were already celebrating that day.

Here's a few (not just celtic btw)

St John's Day-Midsummers eve

Samhain- All Saints or All Hallows (Halloween)

Imbolc-Brigid's day. Brigid herself was turned from a threefold fire goddess into a holy nun who mysteriously lived in the same place and also had a shrine there.

Christmas-the winter solstice and the Norse feast of Yule. Birth of the persian sungod Mithras (whose mythos is very like that of Jesus) who was worshiipped by a select group of Romans (including in Britain.)

Easter- saxon goddess of the dawn Eostre; possible affinities with a hare-goddesses worshipped by the celts.

lughnasa,feast of the god Lugh-Aug 1-became lammas or Loaf-mass, a thanksgiving feast still celebrated in country churches.

Lugh-solar deity often replaced with St Michael.

A hill called St Ann's hill was original San Tan's hill-the sacred fire.

Most Cornish & Breton saints have fantastical names and histories and probably never existed; they may have originally been minor local such was Endelienta who ate no food and lived just on the milk of a sacred cow, Cornelly (horned) who rose on a stag's back and may be the old celtic god Cernunnos,and Melor who had his hand cut off then replaced by an arm of silver--making him exactly like the Irish god Nuadhu.

Many churches were built on top of pagan sites; the main church in leicester is on a roman temple, and several churches are built over stone circles and ontop of burials mounds. A neolithic carved goddess menhir was found under a church floor on Guernsey; a similar one guards the gate of another nearby church,where people still decorate her with wreaths and touch her for luck.

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What are some celebrations held in Ireland?

What are some celebrations held in Ireland?

The main ones we celebrate would be

New years


paddys day

halloween and


Orla? What the heck is lughnasa?? or midsummer?? Never heard of either! We dont celebrate them! Are u from the north or something?

And do you actually CELEBRATE bridgets day and the bank holiday???

We recognise them but dont celebrate them

who’s the best living irish playwright?

who's the best living irish playwright?

I would say Brian Friel... His 'Translations' and 'Dancing at Lughnasa' are paricularly notable. He's topical and erudite, and at 77 is still producing great things. Check out or google Field Day Theatre

Also on this date August 1, 2021...