Simplify Your Life Week on August, 2024: how do i start to simplify my life?

Simplify Your Life Week 2024. Simplify your life {Week 47: Catch up week Simplify your life {Week 47:

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how do i start to simplify my life?

Since you didn't leave many details, I can only work on what you did say. I think I understand what you mean.

Being a single mom is very hard but very possible and you can "have" the best of both worlds. What you need to do is focus on yourself a little more. That is the first mistake mom's make. They devote all their time to their childrn, never doing anything for themselfes and mostly out of guilt. Then they become so bogged down, that they can't think straight and the frustration is taken out on the children, unknowingly of course.

So let's start simplfying your life by, findng a honest and trust worthy person to watch your children, at least two days a week for a few hours each day. Take at least one hour to get your nails done, hair blown out or a simple massage. Or buy yourself something and it does not have to be expensive, can be little and sweet but meangingful and something that will make you happy.

Spend another hour creating a budget for yourself, make envelopes and label them with your utilities company's and also make one that says: FUN FUND, put two dollars or five dollars away each time you have the money, and that could be for you alone to use or for you and your children. People forget that a budget is very important, when bills pile up, no massage, nail place or shopping will make you feel better when you are slowly going into debt.

Take another hour for finding a recipe you never tried before and shop for the items that you need. Cooking has always been a relaxing method for me. I love to eat too. :-)

And one day use all your hours to sip some wine, talk to a man, read a book and then come home and hug, hug, hug your children.

Don't feel guilty, for all this is done for your children. They will be happy to see a happy mom. They will do better in shcool when they see you smiling and you will truly enjoy spending time with them.

Is that simple enough?


How can I simplify my life?

How can I simplify my life?

When I had my baby (14 years I finally realized that I had to let go of some of my cleaning habits. Not give up on a clean house, but like your example, doing laundry less often. Dishes didn't get done every day...especially if there were only a few. Having a baby sometimes means compromising in some areas of your life. Also, babies make for lots more cleaning...more laundry, more things to wipe up, stuff like that. Figure out what you can live without, as far as cleaning goes. One thing I did try that worked pretty well was if I really cleaned an area of the kitchen thoroughly...counter top or something, it was off limits for as long as possible. I tried to contain the mess to one area, usually closest to the sink...that way, when I had the time to "clean the kitchen" I really only had one area that needed more than just a quick wipe down.

You might look at using disposable paper plates for snacks and small meals for yourself, rather than making dirty dishes. Paper cups for drinks of water...little things that can make life a little simpler for the short term.

That being said, you can still do housecleaning with the baby, either in a carrier or in a swing or baby seat (it's easier when they are a little older.) I also had cleaning supplies in almost every room for a time. If I had a few minutes, I could wipe a counter (for some reason, most every mess was on a, mop a bathroom floor, do something to keep things from getting out of control. Seems like it makes more work than not, but when you finally have the time, you really don't have all that much that needs heavy duty cleaning.

I hope some of this helps. And please remember to take time to take care of yourself first, so you can devote time to taking care of the baby. The house (and it's dirt) will always be there...the babies grow up too fast though.

Six pack simplified ?

Six pack simplified ?

Stat writing down what you eat and calculate what amount of calories that represents. Then calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) See here for a calculator:

Now that you know those numbers. Keep doing what you do, but every week, cut off 100 calories of your daily food intake. Those 6 packs will come shortly. Stay away from soda, salt fried food, fast food, white bread.

The most difficult is keeping tab of what you eat, what the caloric value is and to stick with the program.

Also on this date Thursday, August 1, 2024...