Respect For Parents 2021 is on Sunday, August 1, 2021: You should respect your parents?


Sunday, August 1, 2021 is Respect For Parents 2021.

You should respect your parents?

Respect should be earned. Its a two way street.

If parents want respect from their children, then they need to respect their children first.

Naturally if the parents respect their children as human beings, then the children should respect them in return.

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Do you have to respect your parents...?

Do you have to respect your parents...?

You respect your parents if they raise you well.

Obviously if your parents an alcoholic or neglects you, that respect may not all be there.

whats the importance of respecting your parents?

whats the importance of respecting your parents?


When you respect your parents its causes them to like you more, and brag on you more, and it gives them a great sense of pride to know that they have your respect. It honors them...and its like having a feather in your cap. It makes you look REAL GOOD in the eyes of others,,, like your circle of friends, or at least it will allow your friends to see the right way to treat others... and it will give you a greater sense of pride on the inside just knowing your doing the right thing and setting a good example for younger siblings, and your friends and other family members.

AND its the right thing to do. After all who else allows you to live in their home rent free, eat their food, and pays the bills.... like the light bill, the water bill, and the necessary insurance bills, and car payment to get you to school and school events,,,,,and all the other stuff.?????

Do you have a job? Are you living on your own and paying all the bills?

They love you un-conditionally......

So, go get a hair cut, and wear a white shirt, and jeans that don't have holes in them, and that fit up around the waist and not dragging your butt,,,,,, and walk straight not all slouched or hunched proud of who you are, and not what your think you have to do or be to fit in with the "Crowd" at school. SET AN EXAMPLE......... Good Luck!!!!!

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