World Scout Scarf Day 2021 is on Sunday, August 1, 2021: What to bring to Canada? University?


Sunday, August 1, 2021 is World Scout Scarf Day 2021.

What to bring to Canada? University?

Where in Canada? Canada is huge with big swings in weather. Without knowing more it is not possible to answer re: clothing etc. What time of year will you be arriving as well? Again huge difference in what the answer will be.


Brock University eh? No problem.

Check the weather before boarding the plane to see what the temp will be like. It can range anywhere from a cool 16 degrees up to nearly 39. It's unpredictable this summer. Just google environment Canada and look up St. Catherines to get a 5 day weather forecast.

Wait until you get here before buying too many clothes.

Take a look at the link for a look at the yearly weather for St. Catherines. It will help you decide what to bring. It can get very hot and muggy during the early part of Sept, so make sure you bring some summer clothes with you. Bring whatever warmer clothes you have, they'll get you through fall. Also bring a spring/fall jacket - a light jacket with a warm scarf is perfect for late Sept. and October. Brisk fall days, warm sunshine, cool nights, nothing better in this world.

It might be easier for you to wait until you get here to buy most of your warm clothes like a winter jacket, mittens, scarves, boots etc. You will need them, even if the city gets a mild winter - you'll feel it more than most. The third link takes you to a great website on how to dress for a Canadian winter. It will give you the best advice. Once you make friends ask them where the best places to shop for inexpensive winter wear is.

When you arrive, take a trip to Canadian Tire. Its a big hardware store here in Canada - you will find a bit of everything there to set up home. Buy a self inflatable air mattress (camping section) to sleep on, bring your sleeping bag with you and voila - instant comfortable bed. If you will be cooking you can grab all your kitchen stuff there, cheap plates and bowls, soap, whatever you need at a good price. Also check out their end of season sales. You might pick up some cheap plastic chairs. Just buy some nice cushions and they'll be comfortable. Buy a couple cans of spray paint, paint them multi colours and they'll actually look pretty darned cool. Just tell your friends you've decorated in "early cottage reject". I guarantee you'll get a laugh from any Canadians who get dragged up to cottage country every summer.

You can also pick up a cheap desk at Canadian Tire but scout around and see if there are second hand junk shops. You might get a better deal on a cheap set of book cases and a desk. Check out craig's list for someone with a truck who'll transport you and your new stuff to your home. You can find people who will do it for about $25.

There are two large shopping malls in St. Catherines so you won't have any trouble finding whatever else you decide you need (like a decent pillow?) and all pretty accessible.

Canada is mostly a safe country so you don't have to go to any extremes in protection. Just remember a little common sense goes a long way. Ask yourself "Would I do this at home?" and if the answer is no, then don't do it here. St. Catherines is a safe community, it has a low crime rate for a large urban area in the country. Like any city, don't go wandering dark streets alone, keep your room locked, use common sense and you will be fine. If you won't be bringing a cell phone with you, pick up a pay as you go cell phone here, no contract, no fees. This would be wise so you always have access to phone in an emergency.

You will enjoy St. Catherines. You can take a trip to Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake during the beautiful fall months. And if you get the urge, it's not hard to go to Toronto for a Saturday to shop until you drop.

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Move set for Infernape?

Move set for Infernape?

I would suggest this-

name: Mixed Attacker

move 1: Overheat

move 2: Close Combat

move 3: U-turn / Grass Knot

move 4: Stone Edge / Mach Punch

item: Life Orb

nature: Naïve / Hasty

evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

One of Infernape’s signature sets in Gen 4 will likely be a common variant used in the Gen 5 metagame due to the great offensive coverage it provides, and the constant pressure it puts onto opposing teams. Close Combat is a staple on the set, as it provides Infernape with a reliable STAB attack, the sheer force of the move after the boosts from STAB and Life Orb giving Infernape much of its wallbreaking capability. Likewise, Overheat also acts a STAB move, but hits on the other side of the spectrum, and unlike Close Combat, it focuses on the task of dealing as much damage as possible in a single, powerful blow. U-turn allows Infernape to keep up any offensive momentum your team may have built, as it will allow you to make sure that you have a desirable match-up; also, U-turn can be used to scout for sets the opponent’s Pokemon may be running, or the items they may hold. However, Grass Knot can be used to help deal with bulky Ground- and Water-types which switch in expecting a resisted Fire-type attack; therefore, Grass Knot provides great coverage alongside Infernape’s dual STABs. The final moveslot is dependent on your preference, as although Stone Edge provides additional coverage with Infernape’s other attacking moves, hitting Pokemon such as Gyarados, Mach Punch can be used to better deal with Pokemon Infernape does not outrun, such as Choice Scarf Tyranitar and Terrakion. Lastly, Hidden Power Ice can be used to deal with the likes of Gliscor, Landorus and Dragonite, as Infernape will be able to KO all three of them after Stealth Rock damage.

The recommended EVs make sure that Infernape is able to outpace any Pokemon with a Speed stat of 107 or lower, and they also make sure that Infernape speed ties with Terrakion, Virizion, and opposing maximum-Speed Infernape; the remainder of the EVs are distributed between Infernape’s Attack and Special Attack stats to further amplify the power of its attacking options. A Naïve or a Hasty nature is recommended, and the choice between the two comes down to your preference, as both natures let Infernape reach the required speed whilst lowering one of Infernape’s defenses. A Life Orb is used mainly to power up Infernape’s moves, at the cost of some HP, while also securing a couple of KOs, including the OHKO on 252 HP / 252 Def Chansey holding an Evolution Stone. Swords Dance can be used on this set (in conjunction with Flare Blitz or Fire Punch), as the move will further bolster Infernape's Attack stat, allowing it to assume the role of a powerful physical sweeper.

Although Infernape has an amazing movepool, it’s afflicted by four-move -slot syndrome, as Infernape could easily be classified as the most devastating sweeper in existence if only it had one more moveslot. But alas, it was not to be so, its entire list of counters depending on which moves Infernape has chosen to use! For example, if Infernape decided to use Grass Knot instead of Stone Edge, Pokemon such as Gyarados, Salamence, and Dragonite will all be able to counter it, and if Infernape were to use Stone Edge instead of Grass Knot, Pokemon such as Hippowdon would have a field day against Infernape. Therefore, it’s extremely important that when using Infernape, you look at the threats the rest of your team has covered, first, and then decide which moves to use on Infernape. Moving on, due to the fact that Infernape is able to lure out and severely weaken physical walls, physically-based sweepers make ideal partners to MixApe, as with their counters and checks weakened, they’ll have an easy time sweeping through the remainder of an opponent’s team; examples of such Pokemon would include Dragon Dance Salamence and other (physically-based) Dragon-types, as they share great synergy with Infernape, whilst also benefitting from Infernape’s unique support.

If you need any more help/suggestions feel free to email me at

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