Save Your Vision Week on March, 2025: Anyone go to the Walmart Vision Center?

Save Your Vision Week 2025. VSP Blog 2011, Save Your Vision Week. He is inviting eyecare professionals,

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Anyone go to the Walmart Vision Center?

I went to a Wal-Mart Vision Center for my last eye exam and contact fitting. I don't have vision insurance, and it cost me $91...that included the exam/fitting, one trial pair of contacts to wear for 2 weeks, a starter kit with solution and contact case, and my prescription so that I can order online or at an eye doctor's office. If you have vision insurance, your total will probably be even less than mine was.

The eye doctors at Wal-Mart Vision Centers are just as well-trained as any other eye doctor. They are able to offer lower prices because they are renting a space within Wal-Mart, rather than paying the high overhead of having their own office building, and all the bills that go along with that. My experience with them was great, and it saved me a lot of money too. The eye doctor I used to go to wanted $200 for an eye exam and contact fitting, so I saved more than 50% by using Wal-Mart instead.

Normally, unless your vision gets worse really quickly, you only need an eye exam and prescription renewal once a year. The prescription you are given will be valid for one year from the date it was written.

Just relax when you go in for the appointment. It can be frustrating at first, trying to get them in and out...but no one learned overnight. It takes time, and the more you do it, the better you will get. If you are afraid of touching your eye, try to concentrate on looking in the mirror when you insert or remove the contacts, rather than looking directly at the finger that's about to put the contact in. The eye doctor will assist you in getting the contacts in and out, and then let you try it for yourself. You will be fine; the whole process just takes patience, a little getting used to. I think you'll really enjoy contacts once you adjust to wearing them.

The price on contacts varies widely. It depends a lot on brand, and what amount of time they can be worn for. The daily disposables are the cheapest, then weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly (most expensive, and require a bit more care than the other types). So basically, they could be as cheap as $10 per box (dailies) or up into the $100s (yearly wear). You can get some great prices online though, MUCH cheaper than the eye doctors' offices. I use they're very reasonable, and have fast shipping and excellent customer service.

Seeing Black spots in vision?

Seeing Black spots in vision?

I'm sorry to hear this, I have had holes in my vision (usually caused by tired eyes and even headaches) but they're very colorful and take over my entire field of vision, rendering me essentially blind save for my extreme periphery. I can close my eyes and rest and usually it goes away within 10-20 minutes (over the years it's seemingly benign, yet very unusual nonethless). Having said that, almost all such things are neurological in orientation, so seeing a specialist in that field is probably the next best step! In the end an MRI and even an MRA (and/or a CT) are likely in order as well.

It's also remotely possible he has lazy eyes (such as my right eye). I mean this in the classic medical sense, not the social one that people falsely think of upon hearing that term. When I close my right eye it changes nothing, so I basically see almost 100% with my left eye (my weaker right eye never having learned to really "work" as hard as it should. So lazy eye does not mean it doesn't move with the other eye, which is a cosmetic issue and not the real definition of lazy). Why I mention this is because when I close my left/good eye, my right eye starts getting "tired" in about 15-20 seconds and black spots start appearing and as I continue, it envelops a goodly portion of my vision (it's like trying to use atrophied muscles). This is why my right eye is "uncorrectable" and I only buy/wear one contact lense (for my good/left eye). If this is the case w/him and he's young enough (I was too old when we caught on) an eye doctor may give you patches for him to wear to work each eye out and strengthen them. I hope this is all it boils down to, keep us posted!

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