National Schools Social Work Week on March, 2025: about high school? what to expect and what is high school!?

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about high school? what to expect and what is high school!?

Well, first of all, not all high schools are the same. I'm enrolled in a middle-of-the-road high school on Long Island, NY. We are NOT required to do community service, but colleges look to see that you give back to world. For example, if you join an honor society--including the National Honor Society (if your school offers it), does projects that benefit the community. So if your school forces you to do community service, be grateful because they're forcing you to do something that will help you for college.

Homework is only hard if you make it hard. For instance, if you get a project that's due in two weeks, but you wait until three days until it's due, it will be difficult because you'll be frustrated. Also, if you're not particularly good at a subject, then you'll probably find the homework hard. I suck at math so doing 40 minutes of math HW per night was annoying. Don't worry, the HW isn't unbearable like everyone says.

If you are enrolled in average-level classes, then expect about one to one and 1/2 hrs worth of HW AT MOST. You'll have math HW everynight, hands down. But, English, Social Studies, Science, & Foreign Language varies.

If you do honors classes, it really does vary. Sometimes you'll get a week to do a textbook assignment, or a night to do a worksheet. It really depends on the course and teacher.

Okay, expect to change. High school will change you. Sometimes for the worse, but usually for the better. 9th grade is a drama-filled year, but it's also a year that you discover who you are or want to be. Also, you'll be given SO MUCH MORE freedom in high school. It's great.

No, the seniors don't care enough to pick on the freshmen. Trust me, if they even bother showing up to school, it's not because they want to make your life miserable. Don't worry. Just don't piss them off.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Walk fast--those that walk really slow piss people off

2) Do not walk and text (the same reason as number 1)

3) Don't tell other's secrets....just don't

4) Don't be afraid to talk to people you've never talked to before--that's how you'll meet some pretty great people, trust me

5) Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT talk about other people...word gets around, and then you're screwed

6) Don't be the d-bag that doesn't shut up in class, or the d*ck that constantly annoys the teacher. You delay the lesson and piss of your classmates.

7) If you get a locker, USE IT. People that carry around everything they need for school are weird and annoying.

No, it's NOT!!!! like the movies. The popular kids do not go around plotting evil schemes against the nerdy people that accidentally take their seat in English. In fact, there really aren't the cliche popular people. There are just groups of people that have A LOT of people because of knowing people in other grades and what not. Do NOT be intimidated by them. Some are jerks, but some are really funny and cool.

Also, don't be afraid to experiment a little. I'm not saying do drugs (unless you want to). But try talking more with different people if you don't do so already.

High school is a LOT of fun. But at the same time, it's a lot of work because it counts. It's not like middle school where all you had to do was pass. You gotta take into account where you want to go to college, what you need to do to get accepted, etc.

But HAVE FUN!!! You only get 4 years (well that's assuming you don't become a super senior--a person left back many times).

What is school like in Korea?

What is school like in Korea?

This is the school life of average North Korean students.

Since North Korea is a strict collectivism country, the school life of teenagers are also collectivized and grouped. Although it may vary depending on gender, age, social class and region, the school life of teenagers are decided by the government. Elementary schools, middle and high schools all start at 8:00 in the morning, so students leave their homes at 7:00 or 7:30. Students who live far from their schools take the bus, but most students walk to school for mostly an hour. Students gather up in a designated place to be checked with their number and uniform. Only after this step they can enter the school gate. If students do not follow the rule and behave individually, they are punished by the upper-grade students or teachers.

Following the lead of the class president, the students stand in line and sing together while they enter school. After entering the school, executives of the school check their preparation for studying and uniform, especially whether they put on the badge of Kim Il-sung. If a student does not go through this stage and just enters the classroom, they are ordered to stay standing in front of the school gate. The school day start by the morning meeting. All students stand in line with their class and should run along the school playground yelling "the way for learning" and "the way of a thousand meters." Then they do the national exercise and listen to the school president announcing the "bad behaviors from yesterday." Students who are pointed out to behaved badly are called upon to be punished.

Elementary schools have 4-5 hours of classes while middle schools and high schools have 6-7 hours of classes. At noon, students have lunch and they bring food from home. After class, they have a time to review the last week and decide how to behave for the remaining days of the week. Some students are asked to talk about their own faults, but mostly the class president announces what they have written through the week. After this session, students have individual studying time and students who have bad grades get additional classes. After reviewing what they have learned, they have a test and should pass this in order to go home.


To answer your three questions in short, average school day is 6-8 hours. They have an elementary school and then a high school which is divided to middle school and high school. They have uniform and they have review exams everyday.

Why do the kids in China attend school 7 days a week?

Why do the kids in China attend school 7 days a week?

Students in China usually attend school from Monday to Friday, usually from 8am to 5pm, lunch and breaks included.

BUT, due to intense social and peer competitive pressure, most students in China take extracurricular classes during nights or weekends just to be able to compete with other students who take extra lessons on the side. This has become a social norm, as students in China are increasingly pressured to succeed in the highly competitive Chinese society.

Aside from normal academic studies most students also feel pressured, or want to take up a form of artistic or musical pursuit, most choosing classical still life in art or playing the piano in music. Why you ask? Because artistic talents add more points in the final National Higher Education Entrance Examination, the outcome of which will determine what level of university students can enroll (like you need near-perfect marks to enter Havard or Yale).

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