National Consumer Protection Week on March, 2025: Bush supporters: Can you please explain to me why some of you believe GWB is the best president in

National Consumer Protection Week 2025. ncpw_468x120-banner-eng1.jpg This week is National Consumer

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Bush supporters: Can you please explain to me why some of you believe GWB is the best president in

I don't think that Bush is the best president we ever had but this list can not be denied.

Bush critics bemoan the state of relations with supposed European allies like France and Germany, but overlook the improvements in the Japanese alliance.

Yet Japan is becoming a partner to America comparable only to Britain — a staunch ally in the region, and a global partner in other issues around the globe; two powers that share similar values and vision, willing to pool resources to address daunting political, economic and, even, security problems.

Since that fateful day in September, there have been no attacks on U.S. soil. This is the accomplishment of which the President can be most proud. The Democratic administration that preceded his did not similarly take the terrorist menace seriously, and the result was ever escalating attacks on American targets through the last decade. “Our greatest responsibility is the active defense of the American people,”

The United States is indeed safer without Saddam Hussein around.

Despite the whining and complaining of the "Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling" crowd, America's straight-talking, hard-nosed internationalism is having a salutary effect on hot spots around the globe, especially in Asia.

Keeping the peace across the vast continent is no small accomplishment. Asia is a veritable tinderbox of potential armed conflict, including being home to the world's most dangerous military flashpoints: China-Taiwan, North-South Korea and India-Pakistan. Its nations -- some of them nuclear powers -- boast the world's largest and (after ours) most capable armies. Yet despite serious tensions, the region remains surprisingly at peace.

Why? Because of the strength of American political resolve, diplomatic heft and military might. Plain and simple.

Thanks largely to the President's faith–based initiative, a fuller portrait of the faithful is emerging. Moved by his own experience of faith in tackling a drinking problem, Bush has sought to create more civic space for religious ministries helping the poorest of the poor. "Starting now," the federal government is adopting a new attitude to honor and not restrict faith–based and community initiatives." The result: religious charities are regularly invited to congressional hearings, get frequent presidential visits, enjoy lots of favorable media, and are the hottest topic at conferences on religion in America.

President Bush Signed The "Gulf Opportunity Zone Act Of 2005." To further spur economic growth, the President proposed - and Congress passed - provisions for a Gulf Opportunity Zone, with tax relief and loans to be provided to businesses and entrepreneurs in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

President Bush Signed The "Stem Cell Therapeutic And Research Act Of 2005." This legislation creates a new Federal program to collect and store cord blood and expands the current bone marrow registry program to also include cord blood.

National Consumer Protection Week

Agenda for tax relief

Law Day

Formation of Social Security Commission

Actions Concerning Regulations that Significantly Affect Energy Supply, Distribution, or Use.

Signeds tax cut bill reducing Federal Income Tax Rates and sends a refund to millions of Americans

National Summit on Fatherhood

U.S. and Poland sign Open Skies Agreement

Agriculture Supplemental Bill

Released $5.1 billion dollars to assist in the humanitarian, recovery, and security related to 9/11.

Airline Transportation Bill to assure the safety and stability of the nation's commercial airlines

Executive order freezing the assets of terrorist organizations

Executive Order establishing Office of Homeland Security

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

"America's Fund for Afghan Children".

Education partnership with Muslim nations

Patriot Act.

Internet Access Taxation Moratorium

Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act

National Museum of African American History Act

Permanent trade status to China

Intelligence Authorization Act

Landmark Education Bill

Religious Freedom Day

Terrorism Relief Act

USA Freedom Corps

Investor & Capital Markets Fee Relief Act.

Quality teacher initiative

Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act

Campaign Finance Reform Act

Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act

Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia signed with Putin

Corporate Corruption Bill

Pledge of Allegiance Bill reaffirming one Nation under God

Terrorism Insurance Act

National Flood Insurance Act

Protect Act- Amber Alert Bill expanding nationwide a rapid-response network to help find kidnapped children

"Keeping Children Safe Act"

Do Not Call Registry

Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act

Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act

American Dream Downpayment Act

Unborn Victims of Violence Act

African Growth and Opportunity Act

Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act

Initiatives to combat human trafficking

Project Bioshield Act

National Counterterrorism Center

Strengthened management of the intelligence community

Board on safeguarding Americans' civil liberties

Working Families Tax Relief Act

Veterans Benefits Improvement Act

Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act

Specialty Crops Competitiveness Act

$350 million for tsunami relief efforts

Broadcast Decency Act

Proposed Federal Marriage Amendment

Flag Protection Amendment

Adam Walsh Child Exploitation Bill

School choice/voucher program

Nominated 16 new federal judges

Welfare-reform regulations stressing work and family

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Do Americans really care about paying off the national debt?

Do Americans really care about paying off the national debt?

As much as I want to shoot every person who criticizes America, I feel that you are mildly correct. For the average person, they have about $800 in credit card debt alone, they have their lives to worry about, their kids future to consider as well as the daily grinds of living a life. We (as citizens) want to help this great country of ours in any possible way, but we do have to worry about self preservation first. Survival of the fitest isn't just something conservatives and evangelists can brush off of their shoulders, it's real and every living breathing thing does it. We work as hard as we can to get the most out of life during our short time here; in that process, we fck up a little, it's a give in. We buy things we shouldn't buy & eat things we shouldn't eat, but it's our own personal decision, is it not?

I have to nod my head to you, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. Where do governmental protection and personal responsibility intertwine? Should we be held, as private citizens, to the same standard and scrutiny as the elected officials making decisions for us?

I think so.

Consumers who can't stop consuming really are a terrible thing, they consume not only goods, but any services that seem beneficial at the time. Loans, credit cards, equity lines; these things are luxeries yet the average person goes through each as if it will magically pay itself off one day.

10 years ago, actions like these were semi-excusable, these days, I think people need to check their morals and priorities before they write another check at all.

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