National Maple Syrup Days on March, 2024: Wat is the national flower of your country?

National Maple Syrup Days 2024.

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Wat is the national flower of your country?

Country National Flower Interesting Information

Antigua & Barbuda Dagger's Log (Agave Karatto Miller) The yellow colored flowers rise from the large rosette of the Agave plant.

ArgentinaCeibo (Erythrina crista-galli) The flower was adopted on December 2, 1942.

Armenia No National Flower Armenia is the second most densely populated of the former Soviet Republics.

Australia Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) September 1 is National Wattle Day (Each of Australia's territories is also represented by an official flower).

Austria Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) The star-like flowers are short lived perennials.

Azerbaijan Not Chosen any Flower. Azerbaijan was one of the first to declare independence of the country.

Bahamas Yellow Elder or Yellow Cedar (Tecoma stans) The flowers bloom in late summer/early fall.

Bahrain No National Flower Bahrain is considered part of eastern Arabia.

Balearic Islands Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) Carnations can be easily grown from cuttings.

Bangladesh Water Lily (Nymehaea nouchali) Bangladesh adopted the flower in 1971.

Barbados Pride of Barbados, also known as Dwarf Poinciana & Flower Fence (Poinciana pulcherrima More common varieties of the flower are a fiery red and yellow "sunset colour".

Belarus Flax (Linum usitatissimum) The flowers last only until the heat of the mid-day sun hits them.

Belgium Red Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) The flower is one of the easiest wildflowers to grow.

Belize Black Orchid (Trichoglottis brachiata) Black Orchids acquired the name by virtue of their very dark intense colour, which tends to the dark brown and maroon.

Bermuda Blue-eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium montanum) Blue-eyed Grass is a member of the iris family.

Bhutan Blue poppy (Meconopsis betonicifolia) The flower is native to rocky mountain slopes of Tibet.

Bohemia Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) The pale pink flowers bloom at the tips of the stems in summer.

Bolivia Kantuta (Cantua buxifolia) The tubular flowers come in wild form, Magenta, bicolor and Subtile (slightly bicoloured) varieties.

Brazil Cattleya Orchid (Cattleya labiata) Cattleya orchids are commonly called "corsage orchids" as the blooms are frequently used in corsages due to their exceptional beauty and fragrance.

British ColumbiaDogwood Tree Flower (Cornus Nuttalli) The four petaled white flowers bloom in spring.

Bulgaria Rose (Rosa) Roses are more fragrant on a sunny day.

Canada Maple Leaf (acer) Maple syrup is made from the sap of sugar maple trees.

Cayman Islands Wild Banana Orchid (Schomburgkia thomsoniana) This orchid specie is found only in the Cayman Islands.

Chile Copihue/Chilean Bellflower (Lapageria rosea) The Chilean bellflower is best grown on a partially shady and sheltered wall.

China Plum Blossom (Prunus Mei) Plum Blossoms are the earliest blooms of the year, indicating the start of spring.

Colombia Christmas orchid (Cattleya trianae) Christmas orchid has a fetid smell.

Costa Rica Guaria Morada (purple orchid) (cattleya skinneri) The flower was adopted on June 15, 1939.

Croatia Iris Croatica (Hrvatska Perunika) It grows only in the northern and northwestern Croatia.

Cuba Butterfly Jasmine (Mariposa) The white Butterfly Jasmine is an endemic jasmine species.

Cyprus Rose (Rosa) The more fragrant the rose, the shorter it's vase life.

Czech Republic Rose (Rosa) Miniature roses were first developed in China.

Denmark Marguerite Daisy (Argyranthemum frutescens) Marguerites produce large, single, daisy-like flowers most of the summe

what particular type of person can be affected by maple syrup urine disease?

what particular type of person can be affected by maple syrup urine disease?

Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) is an inherited metabolic disorder, that, if untreated, causes mental retardation, physical disabilities and death. First described as a disease in 1954, it is a rare disorder, believed to be in all ethnic groups worldwide. The national incidence is 1 in 225,000 births.

MSUD derives its name from the sweet, burnt sugar, or maple syrup smell of the urine. The disorder affects the way the body metabolizes (processes) certain components of protein. Amino acids accumulate in the blood causing a toxic effect that interferes with brain functions. The symptoms of classic MSUD are usually evident within the first week of life. The first symptoms in an infant are poor appetite, irritability, and the characteristic odor of the urine. Within days they lose their sucking reflex and grow listless, have a high-pitched cry, and become limp with episodes of rigidity. Without diagnosis and treatment, symptoms progress rapidly to seizures, coma, and death. In some variant types, failure to thrive may be the first sign. The earlier these children are diagnosed and treated, the less risk of permanent damage.

Treatment of children with MSUD must be started as soon as possible, preferably at birth. It involves a complex approach of maintaining metabolic control. A special, carefully controlled diet is the focus of daily treatment. This requires careful monitoring of protein intake and close medical supervision. The diet centers around a synthetic formula or "medical food" which provides nutrients and all the amino acids except leucine, isoleucine and valine. These three amino acids are added to the diet with carefully controlled amounts of food to provide the protein necessary for normal growth and development without exceeding the level of tolerance.

Various tests are available to monitor the levels of the amino acids and their keto acid derivatives in the blood and urine. Illnesses and stress, as well as consuming too much protein, raise these levels. Even mild illnesses can become life‑threatening. A metabolic imbalance requires dietary changes and at times hospitalization.

full calendar of december?

full calendar of december?

December 2006

1-World AIDS Day

Day Without Art

2-Eat a Red Apple Day

National Pie Day

3-Advent starts

National Roof over your Head Day

National Fritters Day

4-Santa's List Day

Wear Brown Shoes Day

5-Bathtub Party Day!

6-St. Nicholas Day

Mitten Tree Day

Put on your own Shoes Day

7-Pearl Harbor Day

International Civil Aviation Day

Letter Writing Day

National Cotton Candy Day

8-Bodhi Day (Buddhist)

and Immaculate Conception

National Brownie Day

Take it in the Ear Day

9-National Pastry Day

10-Human Rights Day

International Children's Day

11-National Noodle Ring Day

12-Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe

Poinsettia Day

National Ding-a-Ling Day

13-Santa Lucia Day (Swedish)

Ice Cream day

Violins day

14-National Bouillabaisse Day

15-Bill of Rights Day

National Lemon Cupcake Day

16-Hanukkuh starts

Las Posadas starts

National Chocolate covered Anything day

17-Wright Brothers Day

National Maple syrup Day

18-Bake Cookies Day

National Roast Suckling Pig Day

19-Look for an Evergreen day

Go carolling Day

oatmeal Muffin Day

20-Games day

21- Hamburger Day

Humbug day

National Flashlight Day

Look on the Bright Side Day

Winter Solstice


22-Look on the Bright Side Day

Forefather's Day

National Date Nut bread day

23-Roots Day

Hanukkuh ends

24-Christmas Eve

Las Posadas ends (Mexican)

National Egg Nog Day

25-Christmas Day

National Pumpkin Pie Day

26-Boxing Day

26-Kwanzaa starts

27-National Fruitcake Day

make cut out snowflakes day

28-card playing day

national chocolate day

29-pepper pot day

30-Waqfatul-Arafat (Islamic)

Bicarbonated soda Day

31-Eidul-Adha (Islamic)

make up your mind day

New Years Eve

unlucky day

Also on this date Friday, March 1, 2024...