National Cleaning Week on March, 2025: is there calendar displaying national recognition weeks?

National Cleaning Week 2025.

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is there calendar displaying national recognition weeks?

Try this one:

Here is an example for Jan 2006

Monthly Events:

National Eye Health Care Month

National Hobby Month

National Soup Month

National Staying Healthy Month

National Thank You Month

National Book Month

Oatmeal Month

Hot Tea Month

Human Resource Month

March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month

Prune Breakfast Month

Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Bald Eagle Watch Month

Bread Machine Baking Month

Celebration of Life Month

Fat Free Living Month

Get Over It Month

It's OK to be Different Month

Love Yourself Month

Clean Up Your Computer Month

Mail Order Gardening Month

Personal Self-Defense Month

Poverty in America Month

Reaching Your Potential Month

Yours, Mine & Ours Month

National Stamp Collectors Month

International Printing Month

Autism Awareness Month

National High-Tech

International Creativity Month

Celebrate the Past Month

Clinical Trial Awareness Month

Coffee Gourmet International Month

Bath Safety Month

Crime Stoppers Month

Hobby Month

National Letter Writing Month

Blended Family Month

National Candy Month

National Hot Tea Month

National Polka Month

Weekly Events:

Celebration of Life Week- Week One

Law Enforcement Training Week (Always the first full week of the year)- Week One

Lose Weight, Feel Great Week - Week One

Universal Letter Writing Week- Week Two

National Thank-Your-Customers Week- Week Two

School Crossing Guard Week- Week Two

Someday We'll Laugh About This Week- Week Two

Special Education Week- Week Three

Cuckoo Dancing Week- Week Three

National Fresh Squeeze Juice Week- Week Three

Healthy Weight Week- Week Three

National Glaucoma Week- Week Four

National Meat Week- Week Four

Kiss A Shark Week -Week Four (Please don't really kiss a shark.)

Hot Air Balloon Week - Week Four

Catholic Schools Week - 29 thru Feb.4

It is not in a calendar form, and it has more than medical stuff....but it is a start....

Ah, here is a better one!

Should we just have a "clean house" day for the GOP...?

Should we just have a "clean house" day for the GOP...?

Should we just have a "clean house" day for DEMOCRATS involved in POLITICAL SEX SCANDALS

Grover Cleveland (President of the United States)

He fathered an illegitimate child before running for President, “Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa? Gone to the White House. Ha, ha, ha.”

Bill Clinton (President of the United States)

The 42nd President was impeached following a sexual relationship with White House intern.

Ted Kennedy (U.S. Senator; presidential candidate)

The Massachusetts Democrat has remained a major national political figure despite the Chappaquiddick incident, where his late brother’s 29-year-old ex-staffer, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned when a car Kennedy was driving went off a bridge. Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident; he received a two month suspended sentence.

Barney Frank (U.S. Congressman)

The Massachusetts Democrat was reprimanded by the House after his partner ran an escort service out of the Congressman’s home.

James E. McGreevey (Governor of New Jersey)

The married Governor resigned after admitting to an affair with another man – his Homeland Security advisor.

Wilbur Mills (U.S. Congressman; presidential candidate)

The Arkansas Democrat was the powerful House Ways & Means Committee Chairman when he was caught, intoxicated, driving into the Tidal Basin with stripper Fanne Fox.

Gary Hart (U.S. Senator; presidential candidate)

The Colorado Senator was a major candidate for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination, but his campaign ended after being photographed cavorting with Donna Rice on a boat called Monkey Business.

Gary Condit (U.S. Congressman)

The California Democrat’s former Intern, Chandra Levy, was found dead in a Washington,

D.C. park, and questions about their relationship – and his poor handling of the media frenzy that followed – led to Condit’s defeat.

Mel Reynolds (U.S. Congressman)

The Illinois Democrat resigned during his first term after having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old campaign worker. He later went to prison.

Neil Goldschmidt (Governor of Oregon)

As Mayor of Portland, Goldschmidt had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old babysitter.

Brock Adams (U.S. Senator)

The Washington Democrat didn’t seek re-election to the Senate after eight women alleged misconduct that included harassment, sexual assault and rape.

Wayne Hays (U.S. Congressman)

The Ohio Democrat, Chairman of the powerful House Administration Committee, put his mistress on the House payroll. He was forced to resign after 28 years in Congress. Comeback: won election to Ohio State Legislature.

Eliot Spitzer (Governor of New York)

The Democratic Governor is allegedly John #9 in a scandal involving high priced call girls and a prostitution ring. He resigned after just 14 months in office.

Gerry Studds (U.S. Congressman)

The Massachusetts Democrat was censured by the House for engaging in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male House Page. He continued to win re-election.

Allen Howe (U.S. Congressman)

The Utah Democrat was a one-term Congressman after he was arrested for soliciting two prostitutes – actually, both cops – in his home town of Salt Lake City.

Fred Richmond (U.S. Congressman)

The New York Democrat was charged with soliciting sex from a 16-year-old boy. He was re-elected two years later.

Paul Patton (Governor of Kentucky)

The Democratic Governor had an extramarital affair with a nursing home operator; after she broke it off, the state cited the nursing home with a bunch of violations.

Chuck Robb (U.S. Senator; Governor of Virginia)

The Virginia Democrats admitted to spending time with former Miss Virginia/Playboy model Tai Collins and to getting a nude massage. He won re-election three years later.

Kwame Kilpatrick (Mayor of Detroit, MI)

The Mayor of Detroit faces a possible criminal probe and recall over his relationship with his ex- Chief of Staff that included sexually explicit text messages.

Bob Wise (Governor of West Virginia)

The West Virginia Democrat did not seek a second term as Governor after disclosure that he had an affair with a state employee.




Why is Green Mountain a National Forest?

Why is Green Mountain a National Forest?


As a national forest, it is managed to provide people with a wide variety of services and commodities, including lumber, cattle grazing, mineral products and recreation with and without vehicles (i.e., multiple use). US national forests are managed by forest rangers with the US Forest Service (USFS) under the Department of Agriculture.

Were it a national park, the emphasis would be on strict preservation of pristine areas. The focus is upon protecting natural and historic features plus light-on-the-land recreation. The ultimate goal is to preserve resources "unimpaired for future generations." Park rangers work for the National Park Service (NPS) under the Department of the Interior.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service recently celebrated the centennial of a landmark environmental law that led to the creation of nearly 20 million acres of national forest lands in the eastern US. The Weeks Act, authored by U.S. Senator John W. Weeks of New Hampshire, provided for the creation of national forests in the East. The Act also established cooperation among states, tribes, and individuals to protect forests and watersheds from fire, flooding, deforestation, and other threats. About one-fifth of the nation’s clean drinking water has its origins in national forests established under the Weeks Act.

In Vermont, the Weeks Act has been the legislative vehicle used to conserve and protect the roughly 400,000 acres known to Vermonters and visitors as the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF). Many conservationists view the Weeks Act as one of the most significant achievements of the 20th century. While the Weeks Act was originally passed by Congress in 1911, it is still being used to provide Americans access to broad sections of federal land in Vermont and elsewhere.

Vermont is not without a national park: The Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park near Woodstock, Vermont.

The links below will provide you with verification and additional information, particularly about Green Mountain National Forest and the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park:

Good luck!

Also on this date Saturday, March 1, 2025...