Newspaper in Education Week on March, 2023: help! newspaper reading habit.?

Newspaper in Education Week 2023.

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help! newspaper reading habit.?

1. Female

2. 14

3. $300 (birthday and Christmas money)

4. student

5. 7. ( 1 hour a day doing chores)

6. High school

7. 7

8. Newspaper

9. If they got rid of the comics and the crossword puzzle!

survey: Newspaper-reading habit?

survey: Newspaper-reading habit?

1. Female.

2. 16.

3. N/A.

4. Unemployed.

5. N/A.

6. Currently in High School, but planning on College.

7. 3.

8. Online Newspaper - it is easier to navigate and has less of an environmental impact.

9. Not that I can think of. :)

School newspaper ideas?

School newspaper ideas?

Bullying/ hazing

Other forms of education besides high school (home school, distance ed)

Teen eating/ sleeping habits

Vandalism (anything from grafitti to the desks you sit at)

Students with parents as teachers

Myths/ rumors (there was a myth that my school was haunted)

Students struck by the recession

Teachers with stories to tell (ex. veterens)

Students managing work and school

Feature on the officers hanging around your school

Successful graduates

Feature on the easiest, funnest, or most difficult classes in your school

School feature - how many students at your school? Boy- girl ratio? Teacher- student ratio? How old is your school? How many principals have you had? Your schools Average GPA compared to that of other schools?

Also on this date Wednesday, March 1, 2023...