National School Breakfast Week on March, 2025: is today may 7 national teachers day?

National School Breakfast Week 2025.

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is today may 7 national teachers day?

Well, we call it NATIONAL TEACHERS APPRECIATION WEEK. Our school and administrators, parents, students were very, very nice to us. We all received Nikkon camera's with cases and lenses. Also, small cases that had popcorn, hand sanitizers, fruit, snacks, vegetable seeds for planting, coffees and teas from around the world. We received large umbrellas, dinner for two at very nice restaurants, tickets to comedy concerts, $100 shopping at local grocery stores, teacher-stuff; pancake breakfasts, lunch, dinner all week long and much more! I love my school and staff, parents and admin. Not just because of the gifts, but because we feel appreciated everyday!

Is NOLS fun? (National Outdoor Leadership School)?

Is NOLS fun? (National Outdoor Leadership School)?

I think that you will get out of it whatever you put into it. NOLS had a big impact for me. I would say that I was having fun most of the time. There are long days, carrying heavy packs, and it can be cold or rainy, but the fact that everyone in your group is going through it together makes for a fun time. You just have to or learn to laugh at the difficult stuff.

The winter section of my semester wasn't exactly fun for me. During the time it was hard work, and it was very cold, and I couldn't dial in traveling with skis pulling a sled. Now that I have been through it I have an appreciation for it, but fun probably wouldnt describe it. A big thing I learned from this section was that it takes around 3 days to feel comfortable in a harsh environment. Once we got to the third day, it became fun/normal.

My canyon, caving, and climbing sections however were a ton of fun. Exploring canyons and discovering cliff dwellings that maybe noone has ever seen before, spending 2 weeks exploring caves in Northern Wyoming. Base camping near a bunch of cliffs, waking up to make breakfast and going climbing all day. These are things I could get use to.

Depending on your course you should have a bit of free time at the end of the day.

I had a very great group, I still have a few friends even after 10 years since my course.

Boyfriend going to Boot Camp/National Guard!!?

Boyfriend going to Boot Camp/National Guard!!?

And people can die eating breakfast..... ( see next reply)

Boot camp is an 8 week orientation experience where the recruit is made into a soldier as best as possible. It is a 6am to 8pm rigorous life where the new soldier has three or four hours a day of classroom instruction, two to three hours a day of physical exercise and several hours of military exercises each day six days a week. During that time he may receive and write letters but making or receiving phone calls will be difficult. I doubt he will be allowed to have a cell phone. After boot camp he may be sent to advanced training to learn a military trade and qualify for a position. Just understand he will be out of touch while he is away. He will not be allowed to have a car with him during this period. All of his travels will be by military transportation or public transportation.

Once a day there will be a mail call at the company formation and the first sergeant or mail clerk will call out the names of all those who have mail to be picked up. If you write him three days a week you will make him a happy camper. As I said above he can write letters if he has the writing materials. Do him a favor and keep him supplied with postage stamps as they may not be that convenient to buy. There is usually a mail box for outgoing mail next to the company headquarters.

He will be restricted as to what he can have with him. He will probably have to mail home his personal clothing and live in military cloths during his training. He will learn how to polish his shoes, stand tall and appreciate what freedom is all about.

It will make a better man of him.

Love him for it.

Also on this date Saturday, March 1, 2025...