Girl Scout Week on March, 2025: Does anyone have kids in Girl Scouts?

Girl Scout Week 2025.

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Does anyone have kids in Girl Scouts?

I was a girl scout, and my mom was a girl scout leader. I'm sure some things have changed but basically I would recommend it from my own memories in the 70s.

For now at age 6 she will probably not learn a whole lot, but like kindergarten it is about socialization: "this is how we do an afterschool club." But as she grows, scouting offers really practical living skills when you start working on badges, and not just housewife stuff like cooking and cleaning...teaches about environmental stuff, culture, professions, leadership, computers, art, safety, child care and a great deal of other stuff. What badges that the girl chooses a topic to learn about and through different projects that you help her with, she resarches and presents her information to the troop leader to prove that she learned something about that topic. There is a checkoff system for things they do to earn that badge. Then at meetings and award ceremonies they get the badges or recognition for them. There are also badges for advancing as a scout. It empowers girls to dabble in different things of their choosing and gain some mastery in a variety of things. If she joins, please encourage her and help her stay on top of her badges. It isn't about the prestige, it's about the skills. You should know that working badges is NOT what they do at meetings, this is largely independent study type stuff with YOU, at YOUR expense, plus dues at meetings which are largely field trips, or speakers, or good citizen type stuff.

Then there is sleepaway camp. For younger kids, they have day camp and maybe one or two nights. Mid elementary age is when I started going for the whole week.

The most common thing Girl Scouts are known for is the cookies. Kids don't sell much of anything anymore, just so you know, not without LOTS of help from parents. This is safety related. Mostly what cookie sale is anymore is kids parents taking the brochure to work and collecting that way, and selling to relatives and close neighbors or family friends or organized sales on a Saturday, outside of a store like Walmart. NO door to door is even allowed. So there is your involvement with that.

Scouting will cost as little or much as any other activity, depending on how you approach it...but at least the point of Scouting is learning. When they do the cookie sale, each kid usually earns prizes or credit toward uniforms and camp and trips.

I guess the warning is that at the age of 6 she won't likely get the full experience to even know if she will like it later. But the brownie troops are there to get them started early. And this will be quite a bit of commitment from YOU as the parent, maybe more so than another after school activity. But as with anything else, she can be as involved as she wants, AND the club might be really super active or not (depending on the leaders and number of girls in the troop.)

For those of you who are Girl Scouts, do you know...?

For those of you who are Girl Scouts, do you know...?

At most girl scout camp, you get payed to work there. I'm not sure how much a week but I don't think it is that much. They do not pay CITs or WITs. You have to be 18 years old and have graduated high school to be a camp counselor. If you have any questions about being a counselor, you should contact your girl scout council.

Hope that helps!

girl scouts?????????????

girl scouts?????????????

It is different for every troop in every city. We met Monday night, others met after school or on the weekends.

What did they do? My eldest helped plan and run a week long leadership camp. My youngest went to the state capitol for the weekend. Both of them helped lead a twilight camp for younger girls.

We went camping, made film canister rockets, cooked meals for the homeless, had a makeup and beauty night, had a pool party...

Also on this date Saturday, March 1, 2025...