Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Week on March, 2023: LGBT Americans what are you doing to fight for your rights? Are you involved in any activist groups?

Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Week 2023. LGBT Lecturers‎ Check Out Campus Pride's Hot List Of Speakers, Comedians and More!

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LGBT Americans what are you doing to fight for your rights? Are you involved in any activist groups?

I'm registered to vote

I'm involved with our college student organization Bobcat Equality Alliance, which does GLBT equality promotion.

I was involved last year with our student Associated Student Government in trying to amend our University's anti-discrimination policy to include "gender identity and expression".

I helped write legislation for the Associated Student Government to allow for gender neutral housing on this campus. (It passed ASG, now it goes to Residence Life directors. If it strips federal funding it won't happen)

I'm involved in Equality Texas.

I'm a member of Stonewall Democrats

I"m involved in Transgender Advocates of Central Texas.

I'm involved in/training to be a mentor with our area of OutYouth.

I participate every year in Transgender Day of Remembrance, the Austin AIDS walk, and National Coming Out day.

In Illinois, we did a diversity seminar called "Boxes and Walls" where you basically took a tour through the life of oppressed minorities. We reenacted the Matthew Shepard story.

Right now our university is doing a movie series called "Shades of Queer" where we do a GLBT plus another minority movie every Monday. Like disabled and GLBT, or African American and GLBT, or Jewish and GLBT..things of that nature.

We're also doing a HIV awareness series all this week with different events, and anyone that shows up gets a voucher for a free HIV test at our student health center.

Why gays love Lady Gaga?

Why gays love Lady Gaga?

1. They like her music, videos and costumes. She's entertaining.

2. She is also a bisexual woman (not intersex, as some people would have you believe).

3. She stands up for lesbian, gay, bisexual AND transgender people.

4. She fights for our equality.

5. She campaigns for HIV/AIDS awareness.

6. She's working to lower the suicide rate for LGBT teens.

I don't get how anybody can say that the way she dresses and acts negatively impacts the LGBT community. So what, she wears weird clothes and lived in an egg for 3 days. Who cares?

She's an artist, and an eccentric one at that. It's her job to make people talk about her art and provoke feeling/discussion in her audience.

She doesn't 'do bad things' at all. You see Britney flashing her vagina, Lindsay go to rehab, Paris drunk driving and Miley smoke a bong every other week. Do you ever see Lady Gaga do anything like that? No, you don't.

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