Professional Pet Sitters Week on March, 2024: i need a pet sitter.^^?

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i need a pet sitter...^^?

I don't think any pet sitter would charge you that much. Since you are going to be gone so long, it may add up to close to that. It might even end up being more.

Why don't you show a close (responsible) friend how to take care of your cat, and since they aren't professionals you won't have to pay them as much. Write down what they have to do, and show them. You could give them the job for 1 week, and then the real pet sitter for 1 week. ;)

Hope I helped!

Please answer mine! About pet sitting:

Need a Pet sitter, pet walker or a cleaner?

Need a Pet sitter, pet walker or a cleaner?

What exactly is your question ? It is unclear. Are you asking for what it costs or what your job duties are paying you ? I truly do not understand your question. If you need a payment answer ?

Your payment rates are outrageous esp. since you're only a teenager and not a professional pet groomer or pet trainer.

Would this be much for a pet sitter!VERY LONG?

Would this be much for a pet sitter!VERY LONG?

It's not strict, and a professional pet-sitter will be able to do this without a problem. You don't want to just hire anyone. If you go through a pet sitting company, the sitters have been trained, insured and have been background checked. They have also been interviewed, and have shown that they love animals & have had experience with them.

The pet sitting company that I work for has us do a consultation with each client prior to the job beginning. We take our own notes, and spend as much time with you & your animals that is necessary to understand everything. You have to be comfortable with the sitter, and they with you & your animals. It's very reassuring for everyone to meet. I think with the amount of animals & instructions that you have, it would be a great idea for you to hire a professional who has handled jobs this big before. Also, it's nice to know they have background checks already.

The company I work for is called Fetch Pet Care - they have branches all over the country. So you could look up your nearest location, and submit your job. It will go out to all the sitters, and those who are able to take it will let the branch manager know. Then she will pick someone and send them out to meet you. There are probably other Pet Care companies to that do similar things, this is just the one I'm familiar with. If you do an internet search, I'm sure you will find companies like it too. I can only highly recommend the one that I work for, if you want to check out the main site. I think you would really find it helpful.

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