Nursing Assistants Week on June, 2024: How much do nursing assistants earn?

Nursing Assistants Week 2024. National Nursing Assistant Week: June 16-23,2011 Nursing Assistants provide as

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How much do nursing assistants earn?

Some Nursing Homes train CNA and help you pass the State Exam.

The Red Cross in your area can give you info on who has CNA classes.

CNA usually do not make much money per hour. Probably in the 8.00 an hour range.

Hours are usually 7-3...3-11...11-7

You would probably work 40 hours a week .....which would include every other weekend.

Overtime depends on the place where you would be employed.

I am looking for ideas for Nursing Assistant Week.?

I am looking for ideas for Nursing Assistant Week.?

wow... Im a CNA.. and that gives me goose bumps.... OK ... Buy pizza for all your staff.. a bit pricey if its a large facility but it will be appreciated... OR.. give them free lunch day..or do an ice cream social... We have nurses week with a spirit week feeling.. we do decorate the unit contests, wheel chair races, dress up day... BUT the best way to appreciate us is to tell us EVERYDAY that you appreciate us... help us out one day and you will see just how much work goes into caring for the patients at our level... if you do this, you will be appreciated and in return we will want to make you happy and our job performance will increase... everyone wins... THANK YOU for recognizing that it is hard work. What ever your job title is.. Im sure your aides know how appreciated they are.. dont ever stop..

Certified Nurse Assistant?

Certified Nurse Assistant?

Nursing homes will train on the job.If you have an American Red Cross you could go through them....and once you get a job and work for 90 days you can ask them to reimburse you for the money you spent on the traning class.

Also on this date Saturday, June 1, 2024...