National Hermit Week on June, 2024: What are the Holidays in September, October, and November?

National Hermit Week 2024. National Hermit Week founder believes in quiet time National Hermit Week in

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What are the Holidays in September, October, and November?

September 17 Constitution/Citizenship Day Commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of the United States.

September or October (depends on Hebrew calendar) Rosh Hashanah Traditional beginning of the Jewish High Holidays. It also celebrates the beginning of a new year on the Hebrew calendar.

September or October (depends on Hebrew calendar) Yom Kippur Traditional end of and highest of the Jewish High Holidays.

October 9 Leif Erikson Day Commemorates the arrival of Leif Ericson, the first European to set foot on American soil. Festivities typically consist of imitating Vikings and may include swimming.

October 31 Halloween Celebrates All Hallow's Eve, decorations include jack o'lanterns. Costume parties and candy such as candy corn are also part of the holiday. Kids go "trick-or-treating" to neighbors who give away candy. Not generally observed by businesses.

First Tuesday after the first Monday in November Election Day Observed by the federal and state governments in applicable years; legal holiday in some states.

Fourth Friday in November Black Friday The day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the United States. Black Friday is not actually a holiday, but many non-retail employers give their employees the day off, increasing the number of potential shoppers.

Veterans day- November 11

September 3 National Welsh Rarebit Day

September 5 National Cheese Pizza Day

September 8 National Date-Nut Bread Day

September 11 National Hot Cross Bun Day

September 12 National Chocolate Milkshake Day

September 14 National Cream-Filled Donut Day

September 15 National Creme de Menthe Day

September 16 National Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Day

September 17 National Apple Dumpling Day

September 18 National Play-Dough Day

September 19 National Butterscotch Pudding Day

September 20 National Punch Day

September 21 National Pecan Cookie Day

September 22 National White Chocolate Day

September 26 National Pancake Day

September 28 National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

September 30 National Mulled Cider Day

October 4 National Taco Day

October 5 National Apple Betty Day

October 6 National Noodle Day

October 9 National Dessert Day

October 10 National Angel Food Cake Day

October 11 National Sausage Pizza Day

October 13 National Peanut Festival

October 13 National Pumpkin Festival

October 15 National Mushroom Day

October 17 National Pasta Day

October 18 National Chocolate Cupcake Day

October 20 National Brandied Fruit Day

October 22 National Nut Day

October 23 National Boston Cream Pie Day

October 24 National Bologna Day

October 26 National Mincemeat Day

October 28 National Chocolate Day

October 29 National Oatmeal Day

October 30 National Candy Corn Day

November 1-7 - National Fig Week

November 2 National Deviled Egg Day

November 4 National Candy Day

November 5 National Doughnut Day

November 6 National Nachos Day

November 7 National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

November 8 National Split Pea Soup Week (November 8-13)

November 10 National Vanilla Cupcake Day

November 12 National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day

November 13 National Indian Pudding Day

November 14 National Guacamole Day

November 15 National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day

November 20 National Peanut Butter Fudge Day

November 23 National Cashew Day

November 25 National Parfait Day

November 26 National Cake Day

November 27 National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

November 28 National French Toast Day

November 29 National Chocolates Day

November 30 National Mousse Day

Going to Vegas next week; day trip to Hoover Dam and where else? Will have 3 teens and a 10 yr old

Going to Vegas next week; day trip to Hoover Dam and where else? Will have 3 teens and a 10 yr old with us.?

As far as the Grand Canyon goes, it is important to know that there is a big difference between the South Rim and the so-called West Rim. The South Rim is part of Grand Canyon National Park and is located at the deepest and most scenic section of the canyon. In addition to the amazing views, this is also where you will find the trails, numerous overlooks and the famous historic buildings like El Tovar lodge, Hermits Rest and Hopi House Curio Shop. It currently costs $25 per car to enter the park.

The 'West Rim' is a marketing term for an area called Grand Canyon West which is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation just upstream from Lake Mead in a section of canyon that, while scenic, is not as deep or complex as the National Park which is far to the east. Unlike the park, Grand Canyon West is a purely money-making venture built and ran by Las Vegas promoters - there are only two overlooks, no lodges, cafes or facilities and you can not hike or freely move around the area, but must sign up for a 'package tour' which costs $80 per person (or more). While it is a bit closer to Las Vegas (about a 3 hour drive), part of it involves a rough dirt road. Overall, I would personally recommend the South Rim over the West Rim.

As far as weather and driving conditions go... pretty much the whole way from Las Vegas to the South Rim is along major highways and Interstates. Northern Arizona has had more snow this winter than in many years, but there has not been a major storm in the last two weeks, so (barring another storm) roads should be clear. Even when storms do occur, the roads are cleared pretty quick. Best of all, there will likely still be snow on the ground around the rim of the canyon which is one of the prettiest times to see the canyon. Another advantage of visiting this time of year is that you will miss the crowds and actually be able to drive to the overlooks without having to worry about parking.

If you are driving there along I-40 and need to take a little break, consider pulling off at the little town of Seligman, Arizona (about 40 minutes east of Kingman) and stopping at the famous Snow Cap Cafe. This is a classic Route 66 Soda Shop with funny decorations and who family (the Delgadillos) are considered Route 66 legends.

Do remember though that the South Rim is at an elevation of 7000 feet and is quite a bit cooler that desert Las Vegas with night time temps often dropping below zero. Even during the day, you will want a heavy coat and warm hat while walking around the canyon. It is always a good idea to check weather and road conditions before you leave.

As far as other things to see in the area...

As other posters have mentioned, the old mining town of Oatman is a neat place. It has a main street of old western buildings (with little gift shops, etc) in a dramatic mountain scenery. Semi-tame burros (the descendants of those that worked in the mines) wander the streets looking for hand-outs (and photo-ops). The road from Kingman to Oatman is a classic stretch of old Route 66 running past many old relics of that period (the animated movie Cars is partially based on this section).

Another smaller old west attraction that is a bit closer, is the old mining town of Chloride which is located a little ways down a side road off US93 about an hour south of Hoover Dam. There are a number of interesting historic buildings here as well as an eccentric population of artists whose humorous metal sculptures can be found around town. There is also a giant painted mural on a cliff (done by a local artist back in the 70s) as well as prehistoric petroglyphs on the edge of the mountains to the southeast of town, but you usually need a high-clearance vehicle to reach them.

On the Nevada side, in addition to the Red Rock park mentioned by others, there is the ghost town of Rhyolite (near the small town of Beatty, about 2 hours from LV on the way toward Death Valley). Rhyolite is one of the best ghost towns in the west (it is a truely abandoned ghost town) with many interesting historic buildings.

Personally, I like Death Valley, it is a starkly beautiful place that looks like something from another planet. But different strokes for different folks. I would agree that it would be difficult to have time to appreciate and explore the place during a day trip from Vegas.

Another possibility if you don't mind drives, is Zion National Park which is in Utah about 4 hours to the northeast of Las Vegas. This is a truely beautiful place and I like it almost as much as the Grand Canyon (though in a different way). The drive from Las Vagas goes through the very dramatic Virgin River Gorge in the upper corner of Arizona which is a small attraction in itself. Although Zion is pretty far from Las Vegas for a day trip, it is no less a drive than going to the South Rim.

why do people read or watch the news when it is so depressing?

why do people read or watch the news when it is so depressing?

Local news differs from national news for the very obvious reasons, locally only reports well.... local events, happenings etc - national news reports the entire UK (and world) obviously much more goes on in the world in a week than in your local town of say... Skegness.

News can be depressing but keeps people up to date, you should know whats going on in the world or you are no better than a hermit crab. Its not always sad, sometimes there are inspiring stories of bravery and heroism like for example our british soldiers, they should get way more news coverage, they are risking their lives for us but instead stories like Amy cocain and wine-house's death, get top story. very sad

Also on this date Saturday, June 1, 2024...