Old Time Fiddlers Week on June, 2024: Auditioning in a week, desperate for advice?

Old Time Fiddlers Week 2024. Color-Circle-Logo-Large-white- ... Color-Circle-Logo-Large-white- ...

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Auditioning in a week, desperate for advice?

Popular- Wicked

Defying Gravity- Wicked

Tale as old as time- Beauty and the Beast

I know things now- Into the Woods

Last midnight- Into the Woods

Schroeder- You're a good man, Charlie Brown

Little known facts- You're a good man, Charlie Brown

There are worse things I could do- Grease

Sandra Dee- Grease

Take me or leave me- Rent

Disneyland- Smile, the musical

Goodnight, my someone- The Music Man

Home- Beauty and the Beast

Maybe this time- Cabaret

I dreamed a dream- Les Miserables

On my own- Les Miserables

Tonight- West Side Story

I feel pretty- West Side Story

Funny honey- Chicago

Roxie- Chicago

I can not do it alone- Chicago

I'm Not Afraid Of Anything - Songs For A New World

Far From The Home I Love - Fiddler On The Roof

So In Love - Kiss Me Kate

Stars And The Moon - Songs For A New World

Back To Before - Ragtime

What It Means To Be A Friend - 13

There's A Fine, Fine Line - Avenue Q

I Still Believe - Miss Saigon

Woman - The Pirate Queen

Unexpected Song - Song and Dance

Just Not Now - I Love You Because

You Don't Know This Man - Parade

Astonishing - Little Women

Gimme Gimme - Thoroughly Modern Millie

Tell Me On A Sunday - Song and Dance

Still Hurting - Last 5 Years

Breathe - In The Heights

Your Daddy's Son - Ragtime

Getting to know you- The King and I

And for a monologue:

Use something from Chicago - Mostly from the song "Cell Block Tango"

Or the "Coathanger" monologue from you're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Fiddler Crab Only Hides Since I Got Her.....? Is something wrong?

Fiddler Crab Only Hides Since I Got Her.....? Is something wrong?

Some crabs just hide a lot. I've seen plenty of healthy fiddlers that spend most of their days just sitting in one place (but, they do like to sit on top of wet gravel too...) It's totally OK though if she'd rather be underwater.

She might be trying to molt. Every crab needs a safe little cave to molt in. You won't see her for over a week while her shell is soft, just let her hide so as not to stress her out, but then she'll emerge, and you'll probably be able to find her old skin. It's pretty cool :)

fiddler crab missing its legs?

fiddler crab missing its legs?

Clean an eggshell, and throw it in there for him, just put it in his food dish. He's lacking in calcium. More calcium will get him to shed faster.Once you start feeding him the eggshell, probably about 1 week. Molting is, when the creature itself outgrows it's shell. Then it climbs out of the old shell and grows a new one. But, do not remove the old shell, he will eat it and yes, it is good for him as well and totally safe.

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