Pet Appreciation Week on June, 2024: How to open a pet retail shop?

Pet Appreciation Week 2024. pet_appreciation_tractor_ ... Pet Appreciation Week

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How to open a pet retail shop?

Hi i have had my own store at one time. First of all you need to check and see if you can get a loan somewhere to start up and it needs to be a sizeable loan i started out with $35,000.00, and found out it wasn't enough. Secondly you need to find a place you can have your little store that is in the main stream of traffic otherwise you won't do well. Then see if you can afford the building, rent, lights, heat, water, sewer. etc. Then if you think you can do this you need to go to your courthouse and have a name for your store and get a license and tax ID. If you are going to have employees you need to contact your state tax department and talk to them so they will send you out all the information that you need for taxes etc. After all that is done you need to do online to all the dog and cat etc companies that do wholesale selling. You will want to get it wholesale so you can save some money. You will need shelves and hangers and desks, computer, adding machine, till to check people out, receipt books, price tags, and there are so many more i could be here all day telling you. But keep in mind that all these things need to come out of your loan unless you are very wealthy then you will be okay. You will need to have extra money in the "kitty" to pay employees and get new merchandise. A person needs to constantly have new merchandise otherwise the public loses interest. You will need to advertise yourself whether online, in papers, radio, TV whatever which is very costly. You will want to put up flyers all over of your store opening, what you have, and where you are located. On your grand opening you will want to have some ideas of eye catchers and enticers for the public have sale items and special snacks for dogs, cats and people. As you continue your store every week you will want to have a special going on to draw in the people. It would be awesome if you could have a groomer go in with you or hire one to be at your store because that would really draw in the public plus they would look around while they are there. When it comes to pricing your items in your store you will need to check out prices of other places and how much they charge because you can't go too overboard or no one will come in your store. Having a store you have to devote a 110 percent or it will fail. If you have someone you trust that can devote that much time hire them as your life will totally be turned around when you have a store. You will have to have exact hours and never change them and never open late or close early as you will lose customers that way. A store that is prompt to open and stays open a little longer past closing always gets more customers. You will need to have customer appreciation days where you have really good specials going on. When something doesn't sell for a long time in the store you need to bite the bullet and sell it cheap even sometimes a lot cheaper than what you paid for it. You always need to keep your shelves stocked well and never run out of anything as that really ticks a customer off. Most of all devote your time and energy into the store and don't worry the first 3 years are the hardest to really get off the ground. Good Luck!

What should I pick? Mini/Holland Lop or 8 week old Puppy?

What should I pick? Mini/Holland Lop or 8 week old Puppy?

I've been raising Holland Lop bunnies for over ten years, so after I read what Floppy typed, I was outraged. Bunnies do not get heart attacks from getting chased by a dog, nor are they non-sociable. Quiet, sure. Shy? Definitely. But if you treat them right with care, they'll bond very closely to you; as close as man's best friend, even.

All of my bunnies are potty-trained. They know where the litter is when they need to do their business and they're very clean about it. None of them are shy of dogs unless they start chasing them, and they most certainly do not get heart attacks when being chased. Rabbits enjoy attention too, and usually hops around you repeatedly or lick you with their adorable tongues to show their love and appreciation. Their pee doesn't stink unless you don't have something to get rid of the odor (which is applicable to ALL pets, not just bunnies, obviously), and their poop is really tiny... like a miniature ball.

Bunnies are extremely easy to care for, they hardly get sick and rarely need to get visits from a vet.

Dogs, on the other hand, are larger. They live longer, but they DO make noise, and can be quite difficult to quiet down. Barking is a problem in my neighborhood because practically everyone owns a dog, and there are plenty of grumpy people who complains about the barking to the neighborhood security on a daily basis, which causes trouble for various dog owners. Depending on the breed, dogs also can require frequent visits to the vet and may be more susceptible to diseases than other animals - in other words, they can be quite a heavy and expensive responsibility.

Choose wisely.

Trying to come up with a cute nickname for my girlfriend what do you think of these? Maybe you can

Trying to come up with a cute nickname for my girlfriend what do you think of these? Maybe you can help?

well she has to have a dry sense of humor to find some of these pet names cute. i find old salty and rubiks amusing and unique. but she might show her appreciation by not talking to you for a week. tread carefully.

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